Tuesday, 7 January 2014


 My Literacy group from last year had to make a movie for the Film Festival. I was with a group of girls and their names are Quasia, Emmy, Rave, Sela and me! The amount of time for the movie had to be 3 minutes. But we went over 3 min because we so many ideas. When we handed this movie to Mr S we watched all of the movies from the other students (including ours) and then we voted for 2 movies. Guess what we came. We came first!

As Mr S said "and the movie that came first is..... PRINCESS'S DREAM!" I was so shocked. All the girls in our group couldn't believe it. So then we remade the movie and then me and Sela presented our movie on the film festival day.

This is another throw back from last year. Enjoy!

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