Saturday, 11 January 2014

Going to the Library

Today I went to the Library with my mum. I went and got two book's, one history book and one fiction book that I liked. I found a lot of interesting books. I found book's about Anne Franks, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, But the book that caught my eye was a book about "President John F. Kennedy". The reason why I grabbed the book about him was because I wanted to learn more about different people.

As soon as I reached for the book, my mum said "that's a good book!" Then I quickly grabbed the book and read the first page. When I finished reading the first page,I decided to keep it.

I also went to get another book and was looking for a girls book. I had a feeling about a book that was right in front of me. It was called "The Year Of Big Dream's" I read a couple of pages and I really enjoyed it.

As I was trying to find my mum, I saw her sitting on a table with an extra chair. When I walking to her she was reading a book about Greek people. She really like's Greek books or history book's. As soon as I sat down I saw a Origami book. I skipped some pages and then I saw a cool paper card that you can make. So then I asked my mum "Can we take this book out too please?" Then she said "Sure."

I ended up getting three book's. a history book, a fiction book and an art book. My highlight of the day was seeing so many books about so many inspiring people.

Hannah T signing out.... "BOOK'S ARE AWESOME!"

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