Friday, 4 December 2015

#Happy Birthday Baby Brother!

I would ❤ to say a big "BIG" happy birthday to my little brother. I love you so much and I know we'll have an awesome time on Saturday. I wish you a happy 5th birthday and may your wish come true. I am so gutted your not coming to Point England, but I know you'll get taken care of from you older cousins from Tamaki Primary. I love you my little monkey xox

#Yanomami People!

This term we were learning about the Yanomami People and all their physical aspects. We all have learn't alot about them and hopefully we learn more about the tradition.

Monday, 30 November 2015

#Manaikalani Film Festival =)

“Hi my name is Iisa... and I’m Jordan” Jordan says bugging Iisa away trying to get more of the spotlight. Iisa and Jordan were our class presenters representing us at the Manaiakalani Film Festival. As you may know the Manaiakalani schools have a special event every year called, The Manaiakalani Film Festival. For the past 5 years the event has been held at the cinemas in Sylvia Park called Hoyts.

We didn’t really get an opportunity to watch other videos from other schools, other than Ruapotaka. The reason being is that, we were combined with some students from Ruapotaka. So we had presenters from both Ruapotaka and present class movies.

This year was Ruapotakas first time submitting movies to the Manaiakalani Film Festival, so they didn’t have many movies to present. We had the slotted time of, 10:45 in cinema 7. As the lights dimmed I look to my left and my friends, Ana and Jennifer, wriggle around to find a comfortable position.

We had presenters from all schools from our cluster. There were, primary, intermediate and college presenters and they were all awesome. They spoke loudly and confidently. I was absolutely impressed by the way the juniors were presenting in front of a packed crowd. The movies were all awesome and made everybody smile from ear to ear.

My favourite movie was, The Journey, made by some students from Ruapotaka. I enjoyed this movie because it was unique and we also learnt a lot from the 3 minute movie. The movie was about being cyber smart and by that they turned it into a little music video. If you want to check it out here’s the link "Cybersmart".

I can’t say i’m excited for next year but I can say, I hope next year will have more awesome movies and more to learn from.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


This week the Dr Seuss' (My reading group) are learning about, Themes. We are focusing on how to identify themes and underlying messages. Here is what I learn't...

This is what I created for the little year 6's...

Thursday, 5 November 2015

#Volleyball Story!

Waking up to an alarm clock sounding like a bird was really unusual, but time was ticking and I had to be at school before eight thirty. Grabbing my water bottle, my packed lunch and some extra pair of clothing just incase I knew I was missing something.
“Oh thats right!” I say as I’m reaching towards my lucky necklace kissing it once or twice.
“Good luck darling. Hit the ball like you're angry!” My dad shouted as I was heading outside.
“Thanks dad! Love you” I say as I was rushing towards my mum vehicle.

Walking threw the doors of the school gates, I ran towards the hall which was the location for all volleyball team members to meet. Just in time, volleyballs were set up, nets were all done and everyone was sitting down marking the roll.

“Let's go.” Mr Jacobsen said with a smile on his face.
“Yeah we better make some tracks because our first game is at nine forty five.” Our coach Timmy agreed making her way towards the van. Minutes went past and all the girls were eager to get out of the car and walk to the courts.
“Are we there yet?!” One of the girls asked jiggling around looking for a comfortable position.
“No where near” Our driver said with laughter. We were all so hot and the windows were fogging up as we spoke.

An hour later we were finally at our destination. Singing, laughing and sleeping in the van all payed up for finally stretching our legs and breathing fresh air. As we power walked towards the sliding doors, we identify that the silver ferns play on these netball courts by seeing photos of Casey Kopua and Maria Tutaia in their black netball uniforms.

After a couple of games of losing and winning, we were all exhausted at the end of the day. We had four games in total, two wins and two loss.
“Man, I’m sick and tired of Volleyball now” My mate Ata said with a yawn.
“At least we can say we went to Auckland champs and came forth” I said with a positive attitude.

My favourite team we played against was, Mt Roskill, the reason for that being, they would try and spike but we would always recover by hitting it back or defending it. I really enjoyed my time meeting new people and making friends with other schools.

Friday, 16 October 2015

#The History Of Superman!

Today's inquiry we have been learning about superman. We watched a video to find out information about him. Our class especially looked at how he adapted from being normal to a superhero. Here are the questions that was given to us. 

History of Superman... 
  • man of underwear or blue underwear? Why did it change? Because it was uncool for this generation and they wanted something more sleek.
  • Krypton - what is it? Krypton is the planet that Superman was originally from which is his birth place.
  • Why was it important to Superman?  Because his parents died saving him. S he wanted to honour his parents by building a statue of them hold up the planet krypton.
  • What part did Superman's parents have in his survival? They sent him to earth, with a homemade spaceship.
  • Original powers? Jumping high and Run fast enough to pass an express train Did he fly in the beginning? No, because he could only jump high of one eighth of a mile.
  • What changed in term of his super powers? He went from not being able to fly to being able to fly and him being not so strong to being the strongest man on earth.
  • Daily planet - his does he adapt between his human workplace and being a superhero? He had to dress normal, he had to pretend his "fake" parents were his real parents and he couldn't show anything that would be obvious like his powers.
Today's inquiry we have been learning about superman. We watched a video to find out information about him. Our class especially looked at how he adapted from being normal to a superhero. Here are the questions that was given to us. 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

#Pacific Netball Cup =)

On Saturday the 10th of October there was a special event that was happening at the Mt Wellington AMI netball courts. It was the Pacific cup! Yes the pacific netball cup was going on and I was competing in it. The pacific cup is a day when all pacific nations come together and play netball against each other. This year there were six islands, they were, the Samoans, the Tongans, the Cook Islanders, the Tuvaluans, The Maoris and the Niueans. I was in the Nuiean under 13's team.

First thing I did when I got there was to changed into my uniform. Since I was in the Nuiean team, I had to wear a yellow ribbon, with a yellow singlet and a blue skirt, jumper and socks. I was so excited putting my clothes on because I missed playing netball throughout the holidays.

"All nations please come onto the courts" Because it was my first time, I didn't know what to do, so I was just tagging along and being a third wheeler. As I was walking with my friend Mika, I could see all the islands in their colours and uniforms lining up for the national anthems.

As soon as we started singing the Niuean national anthem, all eyes were on us, it looked like there was 200 - 300 people watching us and it was so scary, but we suddenly went flat and that was sooo embarrassing =( But at the end of the day all the Islands went flat and only Samoas anthem was on point.

I had an awesome day with my new friends and I really enjoyed meeting new girls and new people. My highlight of the day was seeing my family cheer me on the sideline. My low light was saying goodbye to my team mates ='(

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

#Miss Universe New Zealand =)

Yesterday afternoon the senior block had some special visitors to welcome. Those special visitors were the gorgeous, stunning, amazing contestants of Miss Universe New Zealand. The final twenty had supposed to come, but sadly four ladies missed out. So in total there were sixteen girls that came. Out of the sixteen girls, three girls represented them by talking to us about what they do and some advice on what we need to do if we have want to chase our dreams.

The three girls names were, Gabrielle Manaloto, Ella Wilson and Sharne Boot. They each spoke at a time and what they were talking about had inspired each and every one of us. Sharne had talked about how she knew we were talking about entrepreneurs and that she wanted to be an entrepreneur herself when she was a kid. She now owns a recycling company that she hopes helps the environment. She also explained that the next day (Today) all twenty of them were traveling to the Philippines to the city of Manilla. As soon as the three of them had finished, the sixteen of them had split up into five groups to talk about themselves and what they do and what they succeeded.

I learn’t that anything could happen when you do new things or try new events. I also learn’t that you can chase your dream if you work hard and create some sweat into working hard and you may get there. I had a lot of fun listening to their stories and listening to how you could make your dream a reality. This is a link to where you could see and know more about those magnificent ladies! Miss Universe New Zealand Website =)

Monday, 31 August 2015

#How Do You Prevent Yourself From Getting Sick?

In this explanation I am going to be explaining and providing you with information as to how you could prevent from getting sick. This explanation is going to provide you with some ideas of how you could stop yourself from getting sick. Here are some of the reasons of how you could prevent you from getting sick.

First, how does the snotty nose and the mucus cough begin? Well one of the reasons are... you're not wearing enough clothes! Yes, most people get sick throughout the season of colds, which is winter. So to prevent yourself from getting sick in the 92 days of sickness you would obviously have to wear warm and comfortable clothes. Most of your body heat comes from your feet and your shoulders. So the smart thing to do is, cover up!

Another reason this virus is spreading is because, you are not having enough sleep. Yes, sleeping should be one of your #1 priorities, because you need as much time to relax and sleep. When you're ill, you would need to loosen up and unwind for a bit to let your body go through a quick process of calming down.

Another reason to why this type of sickness is growing threw communities is because, you need to have a shower once or twice a day and make sure you're washing your hands after you went to the loo (toilet) and before you touch any food make sure to wash your hands.

There are many more reasons of how you could prevent yourself from getting sick, so the picture above the first paragraph are more facts of how you could stop you and your family from getting sick. I hope this helps you and family members of yours by not getting sick.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Spend, Share and Save ^.^

Here is a presentation of what Team 5 have been working on for Inquiry learning in the afternoons. It will be telling you about financially being responsible of your own money, there are some videos for you to watch. I haven't finished but it will be updating automatically. Please leave some feedback. Thanks

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

#Trade & Enterprise DLO =)

This is a little video I made with Imovie and Hyperstudio. It's about being financially responsible.

Monday, 24 August 2015

#High Tea =)

This presentation above this text is what I made about my awesome weekend with my awesome family!

#What's The Cost T + E

This presentation here is about moving into an apartment and how much it would cost to buy furniture and more. We had to work in pairs, so I was working with Jennifer. We have researched and researched and we found the perfect objects. Our theme is white, black and cream colours.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

#Inference Task =)

Finally, finally, finally! I have finally finished my reading tasks for week 3/4. I have just finished it tonight and I seriously can't wait till my next reading to be handed out. Thanks to my mum for helping me out with me finishing it off finally (no she didn't give me any answers -.-) I had alot of fun working on it ^.^

Good Night =)

Thursday, 6 August 2015

#Needs vs Wants =)

I have finally finished this presentation that was tasked for my reading group and I to finish. We were learning about Needs and Wants and we all had questions we had to complete. I just finish the task thanks to

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

#Te Epetoma O Te Reo Mฤori Kuki Airani! Day 2

Kia Orana, Pe'ea ua koe? (that means how are you?) so this week is Cook Island language week and this is my second post about the special event. Yesterday I  introduced myself being Cook Island and had shared a video with you too! Today I am going to be sharing another video that I found on YouTube that made me laugh so hard that i wanted to show you guys.

I really enjoyed it because it made me laugh and it reminded me of the Cook Islands when I last went there. I hope you enjoy the video and comment below if you want to add anything or you have any questions. 

Meitaki Maata, HannahT.

Monday, 3 August 2015

#Te Epetoma O Te Reo Mฤori Kuki Airani!

Cook Island Translation
Kia Orana, Toku Ingoa Ko Hannah Tiniteila Tetini-Luatutu. Ko Haumata Timoteo Hewett te ingoa O toku Mama Ruau no Rakahanga mai. Ko Cramand Teaukura Hewett te ingoa O toku Papa Ruhau no Aitutaki mai. E tai ngauru ma toru oku mataiti. E rua oku teina e tai tungane. E aaere ana au ki te apii Pt England School. Ko au e Cookie Irani, Tonga, Niue, Samoa. Ko Andrea Tele'a te ingoa o toku puapii. E mataiti varu toku ite apii.

English Translation

Hello. My name is Hannah Tiniteila Tetini-Luatutu. Haumata Timoteo Hewett is the name of my grandmother from Rakahanga. Cramand Teaukura Hewett is the name of my grandfather from Aitutaki. I am 13 years old. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. I go to Point England School.  I'm Cook Island Nuiean, Samoan and Tongan.  My teachers name is Andrea Tele'a. I am a year 8.

Kia Orana, so this week is a very very special week for us Cook Islanders because it is Cook Island language week, this year also marks the 50th year anniversary of the Cook Islands self governance. I will be posting a blog for the next few days about Cook Island Language Week. The Theme for this year is, "To tatou reo tupuna e korona ia no to tatou matakeinanga" which means "Our language is a crowning glory of our community". My mum and I were looking through some Cook Island websites, and spotted this video out. I thought I'd share it with you folks to watch and see what the Cook Islands looks and feels like. 

Meitaki Maata 

Ka Kite apopo HannahT

#Inferring Reading Task =)

This week my reading task was to finish the presentation above. My Literacy teacher, Miss Clarke, made this presentation for my group and I. The presentation is about inferring. Inferring is just like investigating a crime scene for me as the answer doesn't say in the story, but the story does give you some clues.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

#Maths -.- Fractions, Percentages and Decimals.

This presentation above this text was created by my maths teacher, Mrs Tele'a. I was working with my group Taparau and we were all helping each other. I was working with my mate Jennifer and we had our agrees and disagrees but this is our finished project. So, thanks Jennie!

I had alot of fun doing this and helping others to. If you have any questions, just comment below ;)

#Maths =)

This presentation was created by Mrs Tele'a (My teacher) and she made it for my group and I. My groups name is Taparau and we are learning about Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. I would like to thank Jennifer Finau for helping me ^.^

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

#Mฤori Language Week ☺

As you know this week is Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori! So I am going to be translating English into Mฤori. Guess what else is happening next week... it is Cook Is language week! The theme for this week is "Whangaihia te reo ki nga matua" which means "Nuture the language in parents". I will hopefully be blogging this whole week and the whole of next week to =).
English:                              Maori:
Hello my name is _____ - Kia Ora ko ____ toku ingoa
Hello my name is Hannah - Kia Ora ko Hannah toku ingoa

I am ___ years old - Tekau ma ____ oku tau
I am 13 years old - Tekau ma toru oku tau

My mum is ____ and she is _______ - Ko ____ toku mama no ______ ia
My mum is Rite and she is Cook Is - Ko Rite toku mama no Cook Is ahau

My dad is ____ and he is from ______ - Ko _____ toku papa no ______ ia
My dad is Lama and he is from Samoa - Ko Lama toku papa no Samoa ahau

I go to ________ School - Ko ________ toku kura
I go to Point England School - Ko Point England toku kura 

I hope you find the small sentences quite easy to pronounce. If you have any questions or small sentences or facts about the language and history you would be a huge help! We also learn the language of Maori at my school. We learn how to say preys, how to sing himenes and we also learn how to say a mihi,which our te reo teacher Miss Tito helps us with. Here is a little link to the te reo site "Te Reo". Remember, Practice makes perfect ~.^ See you tomorrow folks... Ka kete apopo!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

#The 4 Powers Of Daren Saner

At the moment I am reading a book called “The 4 Powers Of Daren Saner” written by, Michael Oehley. This book is a fictional story based on a boy with two lives and two destinies. What I’ll be doing over the next couple of weeks is giving you little reviews on each chapter.

So this week I started on my first chapter. The book begins with 3 characters, Sela, Boron and Daren who are sneaking into a forbidden room trying to steal an item as a result of a dear. The item they were trying to steal is a precious jewel.

I enjoyed reading the first chapter because of the suspense especially when Daren stole the jewel and all the security alarms turned on and then Daren got caught by the commander. I can’t wait to read the next chapter, until then bye.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

#Area and Measurement ^.^

This presentation I created on Google docs is about Area in gardens. So Mrs Tele'a and the group of teachers all worked on this for us to complete. The whole class had to pair up in groups of two and work together. We all had different answers and all corrected them at the end.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with friends and having a little laugh as we were figuring out the answers with lost faces. I was paired up with Faafetai and Leila, so we were also one of the first groups to finish. Thanks to those two girls, we finally completed our mission =D My highlight was working with friends.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

#Anzac DLO ^-^

The video above this text is a movie I had drawn on Hyperstudio. I have been working on this DLO (Digital Learning Object) this whole term. The movie is about the memorial on our school grounds and how we draw the simple details of it.

I enjoyed drawing crosses and exploring into more events that happened during the war. As you may know, I used my poem I wrote about ANZAC as a voice over. I created this whole movie on a program named Imovie. I hope you like the movie and if you have any feedback, comment below ^.^

Love HannahT

Monday, 29 June 2015

#MathWhizz =)

Tonight for homework I was finishing off some things from Math Whizz. I was finishing off some replays and challenges. Most of the challenges were from Iron and Jennifer. I was trying my hardest to beat their score. Most times I won and some times I lost, but I still got a spot on the leader board.

I enjoyed playing the assignments Math Whizz set up for me and also enjoyed going against my friends on some games. My highlight was beating Iron on one of my most challenging games. My lowlight was not beating Jennifer by 2 seconds on another activity. Finally, my goal is to beat Leilas score and be at the top again.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

#Melbourne, Australia =D

For the past week I haven’t been attending school… because I'm on HOLIDAY! Yes, I'm on holiday with my mum and dad. The three of us have travelled to the land of the creepies crawlys, Australia. We recently travelled to Melbourne, but we are now in Bendigo with some family. I also went to Sate Of Origin!

We were recently in a hotel that my parents had booked and had moved in for a couple of days. My parents had planned this with some family friends from church. There were 30 of us that had come to watch State Of Origin and also hang out with each other.

I have enjoyed the incredible journey I have had in Melbourne, we had an energetic week by going one place to another by Melbourne's awesome trams. We also have another 4 days to spare with my awesome family, and yes, we do leave on Thursday the 25th of June.
For the past week all we've been doing was, shopping -.- As you may know, I “dislike” shopping. I don’t like it when my mum takes forever just to find a pair of clothing,  also how people fight over a shirt or pants and I don’t like being in a crowded space either. So I didn't like the shopping, but I did like the game of “State Of Origin” ^.~

On the day of the State Of Origin game, we all went to D.F.O (A store just like Dressmart in Onehunga) and shopped until we dropped. We had three bags from Adidas, two from Jay jays, five from Factorie and one bag from Typo. So we were obviously tired afterwards, but we still had to go to the game with a HUGE smile on our faces.

When we were making our way to the stadium of MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) there were so many people wearing, maroon wigs, blue jumpers and half Nsw and half Qld t-shirts. But of course the best team is, Nsw!

As soon as we got to MCG, we went straight to our gate which was gate 4. The 30 of us were on the third level of the stadium. When we got there we were so squashed and felt really unco (uncomfortable).

When we stepped foot into the stadium, you could feel an awesome vibe going on between the seats while everyone was cheering and screaming. As soon as we got into our seats, everything went dark and there were fireworks going off everywhere. There were, maroon fireworks, blue fireworks and also purple fireworks.

Finally the game had started and everyone was super hyped. Nsw scored the first try by Michael Jennings and so we were in the lead. It was a tough game, but Nsw fought hard and won the second game. So of course, there will be a final in three weeks.

We are now at our families house in Bindego (my dads brothers house) and we will be staying here for three days. In the past couple of days, we were catching up and updating each other about ourselves. We were all surprised about how much we've all grown up and that so much has changed around the area threw out the years they've been living here.

I don't want to come back to NZ, because Australia is the kind of place I want to be because I love the vibe and the tall buildings *o* My highlight was attending Hillsong church at a 11:30 session and it was cool, I really enjoyed it. My low light was saying goodbye to my cousin Mika. 

P.S: Mika (Tamika) if your reading this, you were so awesome at showing me around and I really hope to see you in the future. Thanks to my other cousins, Keialani, Wesley and Gideon you guys were awesome hosts. I also want to thank my aunty Adele and my uncle Mark for letting us feel so welcomed into your house. I <3 you guys so much! I'm getting sick of Phase 10 now -.- See ya next time Aussie family ^.~

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

#Whizz, Xtramath 10 Fast Fingers =D

Today for homework, I was given the chance to play, Math Whizz and Xtramath. I haven't played the programs for quite a while, so I was still getting use to it. I was excited to play because I wanted to get a head start for as many points I could get. My highlight was getting a head start before the girls and getting more points.

As you may know, I haven't played Xtramath all this year, so I finally got the chance too. I was still trying to remember the answers for the questions, but I slowly got there. My highlight was, giving it ago and trying again and again . 

Nooooo! Dang , I nearly beat my highest score. This time I didn't replay over and over again just to beat my highest score. No, I just played once and was actually really surprised about my score. My highlight was trying to beat my high score, but didn't.

HannahT ✌

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

#ANZAC Poem! =p

Waiting and waiting in the pouring rain
A mother of five struggles with daily life
She provides a lot but can still feel the pain
She sits there pregnant, three months until due
She prays her husband will return before the month of June
“I will make it” he says “for that baby is mine”
He has priorities, but his family is still number one
He’s determined to see his baby son

This poem here was a literacy activity I had to complete ASAP. The activity was about making our own poem about the ANZAC soldiers and what they thought, what others thought, how their families felt etc. My main character in my poem is based on the mother, because I really thought about how much the mothers missed their husbands and how the children felt when they were waving goodbye to their one and only father.

Friday, 22 May 2015

#Equipment They Used In WW1!

This week in Zeal Zone, we were in Miss Peato's group learning about the training that the soldiers in WW1 did before they went to war. In this first activity, we had to create a slide with the equipment that soldiers had with them when they went to war. 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

#Fractions =)

What I learnt about fractions tonight is that its important to read what your trying to figure out because it will help you to say more and to gain more confidence in trying to work out a problem.  I worked on my Maths groups exercise that we use at school. It was all about fractions and multiplications.  It was fun trying to work it out with my mum, I hope to do it again.
Practice, practice, practice!!

Monday, 18 May 2015

#10 Fast Fingers!

Finally, finally, finally, I have FINALLY bet my highest score on 10 fast fingers. I haven't played this game in quite a while but I still bet my high score (by 2 words) I had alot of fun playing and trying to bet my highest score and if you bet this score... YOU ARE AWESOME! If you want to play, here's the link... 10 F.F!

#Te Oro =D

As you may know, Glen Innes has a new building called, Te Oro. Te Oro is placed between, the police station and the G.I library. Te Oro is a place for people who love performing arts to show off their talents. There is a recording studio, dance studio, drama studio, etc. As you know, I love to sing, so I decided to sign up for two workshops. The workshops were called, Beats And Pieces and Vocal Classes. I signed up with my aunty Ruisa.

“Beats And Pieces” is about how you could make beats for producing your own music. We used a similar program to Garageband. The project we had to do, was to make our own beat and try to put some lyrics into the beat to make it a little song. I had a lot of fun making beats and listening to other beats to. My highlight was learning new stuff and meeting new people. My lowlight was being the only girls.

“Vocal Classes” is about learning the proper way to warm up your vocals. I learn’t alot of ways of warming up my vocals. We learn’t about, what helps to get some confidence in your high pitched voice and what helps you on how to be confident in your low voice. All the warm ups helped me get control of my voice and also getting better with my soprano harmony's for my church band. I had loads of fun learning about what helps your vocals and the important parts of warming up and singing. My highlight was learning more things about singing. My lowlight was that the lesson was only 1 hour!
I hope I’ll go there again and meet new people and make new friends. I also want to try new things like, drama classes, Cook Island dancing and maybe Samoan siva classes. But I will certainly be going to the same workshops to continue to learn even more! If you want to sign up for a workshop, just click on this link…. Te Oro Workshops.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

#Fractions =)

This presentation above the text is about fractions. I had used Google drive to create the presentation. The reason why I made this, is because it is a DLO my group had to all contribute in. We all had to make 20 fractions out of the tools from Google drive.

I had alot of fun making this presentation and I hope to make more. Thanks to Jordenne and Jennifer for helping me and encouraging me to finish.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

#The Anzac Button =D

This is a slide I made from Google docs presentation. The Anzac Button is the book I was reading for literacy. Enjoy =D

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

#Respect!! =D

One of the values that I really like is, Respect. Respect is one of the values that we use at Point England school. Respect is really important for me because if you’re not respectful then you’ll just be rude and disrespectful. That is where you get no where.

“Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that's real power.”
  • Clint Eastwood

This quote that I found is on Respect Quotes.

Friday, 24 April 2015

#Timeline Zeal Zone!!!

This week in Zeal Zone, each group were given a date from the timeline of WW1. Then we had to find five facts and images about that day to show you all. Our group got 3 February 1915. That was the day when the NZ soldiers first saw combat. They were defending the Suez Canal from the Ottoman Empire who were trying to destroy it. This image shows the facts that we have researched and put together for you. We hope you enjoy.

Made by, Quasia.S, Jordenne.E and Ana.V

#Aunty Emily's Concert!

This is my slide show I created on Google drive. It is about solving problems that I created for my maths group. If you want to answer you could comment what you think it is! =D

#Memorial Grounds Of ANZAC =D

As you may know, we have a memorial here at Point England School. The Memorial is placed in front of class 3. The special occasion commemorates, ANZAC day. As you can see, there is a image at the very top which is the memorial's out line.

At 10:00 am class 2 and 5 went to the memorial grounds and worked on an image (Image at the top)  that everyone attended to work on. We are also reading a book called “The Anzac Button” which is based on a soldier that kept his “khaki” and it then passed on to another generation to another.

I had alot of fun learning and working on ANZAC day and what had happened on that tragic day. I hope we learn more about Anzac soldiers and what happened to their families

Thursday, 9 April 2015

#Marsden Pt Camp

For the past couple of days, I have been at camp. Year 8 camp. Camp was held in Whangerei, One Tree Point. But the campus was called "Marsden Pt" Marsden Pt Camp, was a camp designed to help us with leadership and how to lead others as Year 8's. We were all split into 4 groups, Marsden, Ruakaka, One Tree Pt and North Beach. I was the leader for Marsden B with Byron.

We had 2 weeks to organise ourselves but I accidentally packed on the night before camp (✌️accidentally✌️) But I got everything ready in 9 minutes!!.. When I had finished packing my bag, I went straight to sleep...Well I tried because i was so excited.

As soon as I woke up (Oh and F.Y.I, I had to be at school by 7:15 am ๐Ÿ˜‘), I probs had about, 2 hours sleep. That's how excited I was. My gear was all packed, I had breakfast, I was changed and I did my hair. The only thing I didn't do was, my bed ๐Ÿ˜ž. So I secretly closed my door grabbed my bag and went to the car.  When my mum and dad came into the car, we went straight to school.

When we arrived at school, I saw my team sitting there with "Awesomeness ๐Ÿ˜Œ" I was so proud. But then I saw the time on the clock and it was as 8:30! What a waste of my time waking up at 6:00 ๐Ÿ˜ž. But it was actually a bad influence on my team, so I'm thinking that it wasn't a very good start to my leadership experience. I said my apologies and started my day with a smile. I also said my goodbyes to my family.  When we finished saying our karakia (prayer) we then packed our stuff into the 2 buses and headed straight to Whangarei. 

It took us ... 3 hours to get there ๐Ÿ˜ฉ but we all survived. I was falling asleep and everyone was watching a movie. I was in the bus with all my friends. So it was pretty loud. But we made it and I was so happy. Some of us got car sick but they needed to get a little bit of air. 

As soon as we got there, we took our bags out, had lunch and went straight to our cabins. In my cabin was, Ana.V, Angelina.V, Rave.M, Ata.F and Josephine.F and Me ๐Ÿ˜. We were the first cabin on the girls side, cabin 9.

I had a lot of fun, with and without my teammates and friends. I had my ups and downs, but I made it with out crying :) I learn't a lot about leadership and how to lead others. My highlight was knowing others from my team. Marsden was Awesome! 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

#Baby Ashleigh!! =p

On the 12th of March 2015, my aunty Helen gave birth to a baby girl. Her name is Ashleigh. Ashleigh was born at 11:50 am and had weighed, 7.7 pounds. Ashleigh was born in the Tamaki ward of Auckland Hospital and she was also born in C section.

As soon as Ashleigh was born, my aunty had sent a text to everyone saying what time baby was born, how she felt, etc. When my mum saw the text, she was asking my aunty, what time the visiting hours finish, if she needed anything and if any of my other aunties had visit her. When my mum had sent the text, I was so happy and I couldn't wait to visit her.

At the end of he day, I got to see Ashleigh and I also got to hold her. Ashleigh is a new member to our family which I am so happy about. I love her sooo much and I hope she will grow up to awesome. I <3 U ASHLEIGH!!!

HannahT signing out - xox

Monday, 23 March 2015

#Polyfest!!! =D

On Thursday 19th of March, the intermediate block had the opportunity to go to Polyfest! Mrs Tele’a enrolled into a competition that included 5 schools going into the grounds and watching performances and playing games that they had planned for us. But wait theres more... we (the senior block) made history! Yes history, Point England’s intermediate block went for the first time to Polyfest and guess it was polyfest’s 40th anniversary so it was a huge celebration for pacific islanders that had performed in the past.

As soon as we got there, we went straight into the activities. We had, 6 awesome rotations that included radio stations, banks and universities. The whole senior block were split into 4 separate groups with our parent helper. The first activities we contributed to first were, the ASB activity and then we went to Globug etc. We then had to separate into our individual groups and have tiki tour around the stages. My favourite stage was the Maori stage.

I had an awesome time with my friends and teachers. My highlight was sleeping in the bus with Jordenne and Angelina. I hope I’ll see the yr 7’s and 8’s next year when I’m in Poly =D

P.P: I would like to say thank you to Shanan for looking after us and buying us lollies =D

Monday, 23 February 2015

#Singing The Cook Island National Anthem!!! =D

As you all know, I love to sing. I had an opportunity last Saturday to sing both the Cook Island and New Zealand national anthem for the under 20's Cook Island rugby boys vs Tonga game. The game was held at Sacred Heart College.

I was sooo excited but I was also a little shy because I had to learn the words in 4 hours! I'm not really good at remembering words, ecspecially words in another language... "BUT!" I wanted to learn the words because I wanted to perform in front of my grandparents so that they knew how proud I am to be a Cook Islander.

As soon as we parked up, I could feel my goose bumps popping out. "You alright?" My mum said with a little grin. "Of course! I think it's just a little cold. Are you cold?!" I asked, trying to change the subject. "You'll be fine! Just look at nana and papa and you'll be good." My mum said with a gentle voice. "Hannah Tetini?! Hannah Tetini?!" Ana screamed threw the microphone. "Go baby you can do this =)" My mum carmly whispered.

I walked to the center of the field to get ready." As we were walking, I see more people coming towards the seats.  I could feel myself getting nervous as I grabbed the microphone and looking towards the crowd I see my grandparents waving and smiling at me, that made me feel confident.  I sang first then the Tongan singer went second and then we sand the NZ national anthem together.  I felt more confident as I sang more and could see my family.

I had a lot of fun meeting new people and hopefully i can do it again.

Hannah T signing out.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

#My Visual Mihi =D

Kia Ora, Talofa Lava, Fakalofalahi atu and welcome to my blog! My name is Hannah and I have made a visual mihi about my sellf. Just so you could learn more about me. So as you could see, I have 4 separate cards behind my self portrait and they all have different backgrounds. The backgrounds explain the things that are important to me. 
Card 1 (Church):
As you could see my first card is a bible which represents church. I'm a Christian that has been attending Grace International church for over 9 years. I'm included in bands, dance groups and dramas. My whole family goes there including family friends. Church is really important for me and my family.

Card 2 (Singing):
One of my hobbies are singing. I would sing in the shower, during dinner, while were recording a movie and even when I'm talking to my friends. I try to be included in every single thing that includes singing. I also like to dance and do drama too!

Card 3 (Sports):
I also love to play netball and volleyball. I have played netball for 4 years and volley for 1 year. I've played these sports for school and have only been first out of all schools once, I have also been in the semi finals 3 times. 

Card 4 (My cultures):
As you may not know, I am a fruit salad of cultures. I am Cook Island, Niuean, Tongan and Samoan. I am really close with my Cook Island side. I am also close with my Niuean side but, I see my Cook Island side everyday. I know all my grandparents from all four sides. But sadly, 1 of my grandparent had passed away. I still very very love them <3. 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

#Neil Armstrong Untouched Items For Over 40 Years!?

Do you the guys know who Neil Armstrong is? Well if you don't keep on reading. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. On July 20th 1969, Neil Armstrong placed his left foot on the moon. If you want to know more about Mr Armstrong, click this link... NASA. But I'm going to talk about what, when and how he went to the moon. I am going to be talking about the untouched items that belonged  to Neil Armstrong.

When I say "Untouched items" I mean, they haven't been touched for quiet a while. The untouched items were found by, Carol Armstrong (Mr Armstrongs wife). She had found the items in a white small bag, in her closet after the death of Mr Armstrong. The objects placed in the small white bag were, power cables and utility clamps. So why are these items so important? Well because Neil Armstrong took the hidden items to the moon! Awesome right?! What's even better is you can see the tools and bag at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

This is Hannah T signing off