Friday, 29 June 2012

My Ugly classroom

Today is the last day of the term.Me and my class had to take all of the stuff on the wall off.When I was taking the stuff off my hands were so tired from taking the staples out and ripping the fabric off.

As me and my friend were  taking the fabric off we saw a little black spider.My friend was scaerd of the spider and guess what she even thoght that it was in her ear.After we finished ,everybody sat on the ground and said”EW OUR CLASSROOM IS UGLY” and I said “because we just finished taking everything off of the wall!”

Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Reflection!

                       WHAT DID I ENJOY??
         I enjoyed learning about colours,shapes and how to paint like an real artist.

                THINGS I DIDN'T ENJOY??
                      I didn’t enjoy having to stop painting my work.Not enough time!!

                      WHAT DID I LEARN???
    I learnt about heaps of artist like Kandinsky who came from moscow russia.

                  I feel really good because I learnt heaps more of artists and art.


What I found most interesting was learning about Kandinsky who was a russian artist.I liked his Abstract work.

I could've listened to the teacher to find out more about the artist we were learning about.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My Art Reflection

This is a movie that my group made. ENJOY!!!!!

The Art Gallery

Walking into the doors of the art gallery all I saw were colours all over the place.The first thing I saw were the animals from room 5 and they were so cute. Stepping on to the stage, I saw the artwork of room 14. Their artwork is cool and it is very colorful.

But then I saw a picture that I liked and the person who painted it was Meleane To’a.She had painted a Jackson Pollock painting. Which is just a splash of paint everywhere on the paper.I liked her one because it was vibrant,abstract and cool.

When I saw my groups artwork I was very proud of making the artwork. Looking at the paintings felt like I was inside a colourful maze.My favourite part was going up on the stage and looking at the yrs 7 and 8 extension artwork of Hine.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My own version of Goldie locks and three bears.

Once there was a little girl and her name was Goldie locks. One day she was walking in the forest then she saw a house. She ran to the house because she could smell porridge. She went in, then the door shut, just like a haunted house. She heard a voice and said “Is there anybody here?” Then she heard a voice coming from upstairs saying “hello is that you honey?” Goldie locks asked “who’s that?” The voice replied “it's your husband”. Then a ghost came down the stairs and frightened Goldie Locks, she was so scared that she lost her hair and thats how she got the name boldie locks.

Boldie Locks likes to play at the park and loves playing with her toys.  She really likes playing with her teddy bears.  She has a best friend called Little Miss Muffit and they play on the playground together.  Boldie Locks can’t wait to grow her hair back because she doesn’t like people teasing her. Her favourite color is blue and when she grows up she wants to be a singer and dreams of being a Superstar!