Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The New Panmure Station

On Monday, my family and I went to see the new train station in Panmure. The first time I saw the new train station, I couldn't wait to catch a train there. The train station looks really flash just like britomart train station.

Way before the train station was built, all I saw was, KFC, dry long brown grass and train tracks.  I always thought that the train station in Panmure would be rebuilt, but not with a lot of lights, glass, chairs and escalators.

As soon as I saw a big fence with workers behind the fence building, I was wondering what they were making.  Then when I went home, my dad asked me and my mum "did you guys hear about the new train station that is happening in Panmure?" Then in my head I knew that the workers behind that fence were building a new train station.

Looking at this new train station makes me wonder what else will be built around Panmure.  I heard that they will be busting down the Panmure round and building a new road so i wonder what will happen with the Panmure sign? So many changes!

Happy holidays.

Hannah T signing out - PEACE

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