Monday, 13 January 2014

Museum Exhibition! Part 1

Two weeks a go, I went to a photography exhibition. The exhibition was at the Auckland Museum. I went with my mum and my dad. There were two exhibition's going on. One exhibition was called "A decade of days - Auckland' by Robin Morrison. The other exhibition was called "Selling dreams: One  hundred years of fashion photography"

As I was looking through some photos at one of the exhibitions, I saw one that I was interested in. It was of a solider who was walking in a place where it was dark and dangerous.  The solider was walking and he had a breathing mask on he was also pushing a pram. The picture was saying " A new life and end of life" because some soliders pass away and the pram talks about a new life.

I really enjoyed the exhibition because I like photography. The reason why I like photography is because I like the look of photos and the mystery. I saw some photos and said " Wow I want to take a photo like that one day!" And one day I probably will.

At the other exhibition there was also a photo of a girl travelling on a bus. She is facing the back and it looked like she was talking to someone. I liked this photo because my mum told me about how she would ride in a bus with her mum. After that we walked back to the car and took more pictures.  My highlight of the day was looking at photos that I was inspired from.

Holidays is nearly over so make the most of it! Hannah T signing out

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