Friday, 4 December 2015

#Happy Birthday Baby Brother!

I would ❤ to say a big "BIG" happy birthday to my little brother. I love you so much and I know we'll have an awesome time on Saturday. I wish you a happy 5th birthday and may your wish come true. I am so gutted your not coming to Point England, but I know you'll get taken care of from you older cousins from Tamaki Primary. I love you my little monkey xox

#Yanomami People!

This term we were learning about the Yanomami People and all their physical aspects. We all have learn't alot about them and hopefully we learn more about the tradition.

Monday, 30 November 2015

#Manaikalani Film Festival =)

“Hi my name is Iisa... and I’m Jordan” Jordan says bugging Iisa away trying to get more of the spotlight. Iisa and Jordan were our class presenters representing us at the Manaiakalani Film Festival. As you may know the Manaiakalani schools have a special event every year called, The Manaiakalani Film Festival. For the past 5 years the event has been held at the cinemas in Sylvia Park called Hoyts.

We didn’t really get an opportunity to watch other videos from other schools, other than Ruapotaka. The reason being is that, we were combined with some students from Ruapotaka. So we had presenters from both Ruapotaka and present class movies.

This year was Ruapotakas first time submitting movies to the Manaiakalani Film Festival, so they didn’t have many movies to present. We had the slotted time of, 10:45 in cinema 7. As the lights dimmed I look to my left and my friends, Ana and Jennifer, wriggle around to find a comfortable position.

We had presenters from all schools from our cluster. There were, primary, intermediate and college presenters and they were all awesome. They spoke loudly and confidently. I was absolutely impressed by the way the juniors were presenting in front of a packed crowd. The movies were all awesome and made everybody smile from ear to ear.

My favourite movie was, The Journey, made by some students from Ruapotaka. I enjoyed this movie because it was unique and we also learnt a lot from the 3 minute movie. The movie was about being cyber smart and by that they turned it into a little music video. If you want to check it out here’s the link "Cybersmart".

I can’t say i’m excited for next year but I can say, I hope next year will have more awesome movies and more to learn from.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


This week the Dr Seuss' (My reading group) are learning about, Themes. We are focusing on how to identify themes and underlying messages. Here is what I learn't...

This is what I created for the little year 6's...

Thursday, 5 November 2015

#Volleyball Story!

Waking up to an alarm clock sounding like a bird was really unusual, but time was ticking and I had to be at school before eight thirty. Grabbing my water bottle, my packed lunch and some extra pair of clothing just incase I knew I was missing something.
“Oh thats right!” I say as I’m reaching towards my lucky necklace kissing it once or twice.
“Good luck darling. Hit the ball like you're angry!” My dad shouted as I was heading outside.
“Thanks dad! Love you” I say as I was rushing towards my mum vehicle.

Walking threw the doors of the school gates, I ran towards the hall which was the location for all volleyball team members to meet. Just in time, volleyballs were set up, nets were all done and everyone was sitting down marking the roll.

“Let's go.” Mr Jacobsen said with a smile on his face.
“Yeah we better make some tracks because our first game is at nine forty five.” Our coach Timmy agreed making her way towards the van. Minutes went past and all the girls were eager to get out of the car and walk to the courts.
“Are we there yet?!” One of the girls asked jiggling around looking for a comfortable position.
“No where near” Our driver said with laughter. We were all so hot and the windows were fogging up as we spoke.

An hour later we were finally at our destination. Singing, laughing and sleeping in the van all payed up for finally stretching our legs and breathing fresh air. As we power walked towards the sliding doors, we identify that the silver ferns play on these netball courts by seeing photos of Casey Kopua and Maria Tutaia in their black netball uniforms.

After a couple of games of losing and winning, we were all exhausted at the end of the day. We had four games in total, two wins and two loss.
“Man, I’m sick and tired of Volleyball now” My mate Ata said with a yawn.
“At least we can say we went to Auckland champs and came forth” I said with a positive attitude.

My favourite team we played against was, Mt Roskill, the reason for that being, they would try and spike but we would always recover by hitting it back or defending it. I really enjoyed my time meeting new people and making friends with other schools.

Friday, 16 October 2015

#The History Of Superman!

Today's inquiry we have been learning about superman. We watched a video to find out information about him. Our class especially looked at how he adapted from being normal to a superhero. Here are the questions that was given to us. 

History of Superman... 
  • man of underwear or blue underwear? Why did it change? Because it was uncool for this generation and they wanted something more sleek.
  • Krypton - what is it? Krypton is the planet that Superman was originally from which is his birth place.
  • Why was it important to Superman?  Because his parents died saving him. S he wanted to honour his parents by building a statue of them hold up the planet krypton.
  • What part did Superman's parents have in his survival? They sent him to earth, with a homemade spaceship.
  • Original powers? Jumping high and Run fast enough to pass an express train Did he fly in the beginning? No, because he could only jump high of one eighth of a mile.
  • What changed in term of his super powers? He went from not being able to fly to being able to fly and him being not so strong to being the strongest man on earth.
  • Daily planet - his does he adapt between his human workplace and being a superhero? He had to dress normal, he had to pretend his "fake" parents were his real parents and he couldn't show anything that would be obvious like his powers.
Today's inquiry we have been learning about superman. We watched a video to find out information about him. Our class especially looked at how he adapted from being normal to a superhero. Here are the questions that was given to us. 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

#Pacific Netball Cup =)

On Saturday the 10th of October there was a special event that was happening at the Mt Wellington AMI netball courts. It was the Pacific cup! Yes the pacific netball cup was going on and I was competing in it. The pacific cup is a day when all pacific nations come together and play netball against each other. This year there were six islands, they were, the Samoans, the Tongans, the Cook Islanders, the Tuvaluans, The Maoris and the Niueans. I was in the Nuiean under 13's team.

First thing I did when I got there was to changed into my uniform. Since I was in the Nuiean team, I had to wear a yellow ribbon, with a yellow singlet and a blue skirt, jumper and socks. I was so excited putting my clothes on because I missed playing netball throughout the holidays.

"All nations please come onto the courts" Because it was my first time, I didn't know what to do, so I was just tagging along and being a third wheeler. As I was walking with my friend Mika, I could see all the islands in their colours and uniforms lining up for the national anthems.

As soon as we started singing the Niuean national anthem, all eyes were on us, it looked like there was 200 - 300 people watching us and it was so scary, but we suddenly went flat and that was sooo embarrassing =( But at the end of the day all the Islands went flat and only Samoas anthem was on point.

I had an awesome day with my new friends and I really enjoyed meeting new girls and new people. My highlight of the day was seeing my family cheer me on the sideline. My low light was saying goodbye to my team mates ='(