Thursday, 30 January 2014

Missing Friends :(

I know, I know, school is coming in a couple of days, but I just can't wait to see my friends. I'm pretty sure when we get back together, we'll get sick of each other. But you know my friends and I watch out for each other. I miss walking with them around the school and telling jokes with them as well.

I miss all of them, especially Jennifer. Jennifer has gone to Australia. All of the girls miss her, her singing and her jokes. Jen would sing anywhere and everywhere. Even though Jennifer had an attitude, all the girls loved her.

If my friends are reading this, "I MISS YOU ALL! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS AGAIN!"

HannahT signing out- Miss you guys!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


I can't wait to go to school this year, because I will be a year 7! My primary days are over,  But i'm looking forward to this year with my learning. I hope I will get a cool teacher and hopefully I will be in the same class as my friends. My goal for this year is to try and become a prefect. Last year was cool but this year will be better.  I'm going to miss my primary teachers and friends who have gone.

I will miss being an Ambassador, but good luck to the Ambassador' s this year it will be fun! I don't want to be a Year 8, because I don't want to leave. Why can't Point England have a college? Well I hope it will be a awesome year this year!
HannahT signing out.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Family time!

Yesterday, I went to my uncles house. His name is Oreni, We were having a Barbeque at his place for lunch. Uncle Oreni has a pool, so my mum and dad knew that I was going to swim for the whole day. One of my other Uncles came and his name is Manuel. My dad went straight to the boy's and helped them with the barbeque. As the guys were cooking the barbeque, the ladies were putting together some salads.

As soon as the barbeque was finished everybody was surrounding the table. My dad then said a prayer. After the prayer, we ate all the meat and some of the salad. All of the parents were on the table and the kids were in the sitting room. I could hear my dad telling old stories about when he was young. 

Straight after lunch, I asked my Aunty Iza if she could swim with me, then she said "yea"  So I quickly got changed and jumped in the pool. The pool was really cold, but I then got use to it. I was doing bombs, diving and having swimming competitions with my Aunty Iza. Everybody started to come in and hang near the pool and it was so much fun.

I had a great time with my family. My highlight was getting to hang out with some of my family. HannahT signing out - PEACE!!!!!

Friday, 24 January 2014

My favorite song!

This song is called "24/7" made by Common Kings. I like this song because, I like the band, the  and the words are really easy to learn. I really like Common Kings, because they make the best songs. I play this song over and over again, and I never get tired of listening to it. My Aunty Ruisa always plays this song, so that's how I got into it.

Another one of Common Kings songs that I really like is "No other love" But this song is my no 1. Hope you like the song! HannahT signing out- peace!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

My 2 little sisters!

This is my sister Sachi. I have two sisters so she's the youngest. 
Sachi is very kind and sometimes has a lot of attitude. Sachi has traveled around the world to some pretty cool places. She has been to Australia, America and other special places around the country.

Displaying SketchGuru_20130422192631.jpg

Seili is the sporty sister. She plays touch, rippa rugby, netball and other sports. Seili is the middle sister, and can sometimes be just a little bit bossy. Seili and Sachi always argue and that's when I come in as the big sister. Seili lives in Christchurch, so Sachi and I don't really get to see her that much. It makes me sad sometimes because i wish we could all be close together.
Then theres me.  I'm the oldest.  I love being the oldest because i get to boss my little sisters around haha.  I also like being the oldest because I know that if I ever needed anything that my sisters will always be there.  So thats us the 3 amigos, I love my sisters.  

What about you? Are are you the oldest, middle or the youngest?
This is Hannah T signing out- bye!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Museum Part 2

During the holidays, I have been going out to some cool places. One of those places was the Museum. I was so excited and couldn't wait to go inside. When we got there, it was packed! As we were looking for a parking space, we finally saw red lights reversing " FINALLY!" I said out loud.

As we got into the museum I saw a lot of people down stairs and up stairs. When I was waiting for my mum and dad to pay, I was taking loads of pictures. As my dad was shouting "Hannah! Come on, I quickly caught up.

The first thing we saw were the wakas. I took a lot of photos of the wakas, the whare and the tiki's. I really liked a carving on one of the tiki's, because there were so many patterns and it looked so cool. When I saw the waka I was looking at the carving at the front. Inside the whare were a lot of carvings.

As we moved on, I went into the area where there were all of these Island stuff. So I quickly sneaked into the room and looked around. I saw my four cultures, Cook Island, Tongan, Samoan and Niue. As I was looking, I took photos of the letters on the floor. I was looking around, and then I saw a tevaivai. A tevaivai is a Cook Island sheet that Cook Island people make by hand.

After I saw the Island area, I saw my mum and dad looking at the lollies. The lollie section is where heaps and heaps of olden day lollies were. I saw a lot of them that I knew, because it is still here like  minties, snakes and other lollies. 

After a couple of hours in the Museum, we left and I had a thousand photos on my new camera including the ones in this collage. My highlight was spending time with my family and taking hundreds of photos.

HannahT - Signing out Laterz!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The New Panmure Station

On Monday, my family and I went to see the new train station in Panmure. The first time I saw the new train station, I couldn't wait to catch a train there. The train station looks really flash just like britomart train station.

Way before the train station was built, all I saw was, KFC, dry long brown grass and train tracks.  I always thought that the train station in Panmure would be rebuilt, but not with a lot of lights, glass, chairs and escalators.

As soon as I saw a big fence with workers behind the fence building, I was wondering what they were making.  Then when I went home, my dad asked me and my mum "did you guys hear about the new train station that is happening in Panmure?" Then in my head I knew that the workers behind that fence were building a new train station.

Looking at this new train station makes me wonder what else will be built around Panmure.  I heard that they will be busting down the Panmure round and building a new road so i wonder what will happen with the Panmure sign? So many changes!

Happy holidays.

Hannah T signing out - PEACE

Monday, 20 January 2014

President John F. Kennedy

I have been reading a book about President John F. Kennedy. The book was all about him, his family and what he had done when he was president. John was born on May 29th 1917, in Brookline, Massachusetts.

When John was president, he did a lot of cool stuff. He put the first man on the moon,  he was also supporting Martin Luther King with all the racism going on with the white and black people. John was the 35th president for the United State.

John also had a wife and four kids, two girls and two boys. The wifes name was Jackie and their children's names were, John F. Kennedy jr, Patrick K, Caroline K and Arabella K.

Three of his kids have died, but one of them is still alive. John, Patrick and Arabella had passed away. John died on July 16, 1999, Patrick died on August 9th 1963 and Arabella passed away on August 23rd, 1956.

On November 22nd, John had passed away. John passed away in the city of Dalas, infront of crowds of people. John got shot two times. The second time he got shot, Jackie quickly got up and covered him with her body . Jackie had blood all over her. The car was speeding to the hospital.

As soon as they got to the hospital, it was to late. President John F. Kennedy had died. It was really sad for the Americans to hear that their President had died. But nobody knew who killed the president. People think that Lee Harvey Ozwald assassinated Jhon F. Kennedy, but no one knows, it might of been or it might of not.

I really enjoyed reading this book because he was President for 2 years and 10 months.In that time President Kennedy achieved a lot of things like intergrated white and black kids to go to the same school, he also helped to put the first man on the moon. I was really inspired because President Kennedy was young and he achieved a lot so I believe that us children can achieve a lot too.

Shout out to all the kids and visitors from America who are reading this!!!!
HannahT signing out, Laterz!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Busy Saturday

Today I am going with my dad. We are going to see my nana. After we see my nana, my dad and I are going to the Otara Market, straight after the market we are going to my dads house.

We are going to celebrate my cousin's birthday today, her name is Kayla. She is going to turn 13,  for her birthday, we are going to have a swim and a massive feed. Kayla is one of my best cousins.

There is another birthday today and her name is Eden. So straight after Kaylas birthday I am going to go to Edens birthday. I am going to have a sleep over with a group of girls at Edens house. For Eden's birthday we will be going to Eastern Beach tomorrow.

 So today, it looks like I am going to have a busy day. Happy Saturday guys!

HannahT Signing out- PEACE!

The celebrities who had passed away


Lisa Left Eye Lopez was one of the girls in T.L.C.  She was the rapper of the group. Left Eye was my favorite one out of the 3 girls because she was funny and she stands out.  Lisa passed away on April 25th, 2002. She died in a car crash.

Cory Monteith was one of the main actors in Glee. His characters name was Finn Hudson. Cory had a really nice voice. Cory had passed away on July 13th, 2013.

Paul Walker was an actor on Fast and Furious. He is the latest death out of all of the celebrities. Paul Walker passed away on 30th November 2013 in a fatal car crash.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

My favorite movies!

 This is a presentation that I made on Google drive. It is about ,y favourite movies! Enjoy!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Museum Exhibition! Part 1

Two weeks a go, I went to a photography exhibition. The exhibition was at the Auckland Museum. I went with my mum and my dad. There were two exhibition's going on. One exhibition was called "A decade of days - Auckland' by Robin Morrison. The other exhibition was called "Selling dreams: One  hundred years of fashion photography"

As I was looking through some photos at one of the exhibitions, I saw one that I was interested in. It was of a solider who was walking in a place where it was dark and dangerous.  The solider was walking and he had a breathing mask on he was also pushing a pram. The picture was saying " A new life and end of life" because some soliders pass away and the pram talks about a new life.

I really enjoyed the exhibition because I like photography. The reason why I like photography is because I like the look of photos and the mystery. I saw some photos and said " Wow I want to take a photo like that one day!" And one day I probably will.

At the other exhibition there was also a photo of a girl travelling on a bus. She is facing the back and it looked like she was talking to someone. I liked this photo because my mum told me about how she would ride in a bus with her mum. After that we walked back to the car and took more pictures.  My highlight of the day was looking at photos that I was inspired from.

Holidays is nearly over so make the most of it! Hannah T signing out

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Skate Park crew!

Today after church, I quickly took my scooter out of the car and rode it to the skate park.  I was with my cousins, James, Samuel, Solomon, Leila, Paita and Pou.  It was so cool hanging out with them because I haven't seen them for quite a while.

The skate park at my church is one of the only indoor skate parks that I know.  People from all over Auckland come and bring their scooters, bikes and skateboards.  Sometimes they have challenges against each other like skateboard competitions and whenever I watch them I see how fast they go. 

The skate park has rails, they have ramps but there is only one ramp that I ride down because its the smallest ramp. I was riding my new scooter that my parents bought me on Christmas.  A lot of people were riding my scooter because my new scooter is AWESOME! Do you know why?  Because its blue.

After that I spent time with my two girl cousins Leila and Paita.  My highlight of the day was spending time with my cousins because I haven't seen them for a while and missed them a lot.

Happy holidays everyone, Hannah T signing out

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Going to the Library

Today I went to the Library with my mum. I went and got two book's, one history book and one fiction book that I liked. I found a lot of interesting books. I found book's about Anne Franks, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, But the book that caught my eye was a book about "President John F. Kennedy". The reason why I grabbed the book about him was because I wanted to learn more about different people.

As soon as I reached for the book, my mum said "that's a good book!" Then I quickly grabbed the book and read the first page. When I finished reading the first page,I decided to keep it.

I also went to get another book and was looking for a girls book. I had a feeling about a book that was right in front of me. It was called "The Year Of Big Dream's" I read a couple of pages and I really enjoyed it.

As I was trying to find my mum, I saw her sitting on a table with an extra chair. When I walking to her she was reading a book about Greek people. She really like's Greek books or history book's. As soon as I sat down I saw a Origami book. I skipped some pages and then I saw a cool paper card that you can make. So then I asked my mum "Can we take this book out too please?" Then she said "Sure."

I ended up getting three book's. a history book, a fiction book and an art book. My highlight of the day was seeing so many books about so many inspiring people.

Hannah T signing out.... "BOOK'S ARE AWESOME!"

Friday, 10 January 2014

The Cup Song

I decided that I should do the cup song. Because I really love to sing and I just want to show you! The Cup Song was from "Pitch Perfect" the movie. So I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Going To My Friends Birthday

On the first of January is my friend's birthday. Her name is Awhina Rose. She had her birthday at Eastern beach. Her dad brought his boat, so all the girl's that she invited had a little ride.

As my cousin,Leila and I were driving with my parents, we saw all of these big house's. But then there was one road that seperated into two parts. On the right, led to a beach called buckland's beach and on the left led to Eastern beach.

We all saw a beach on the right. So my dad had to turn right. As we were driving on the road, we saw sign's saying "Buckland's beach" or "Buckland's beach dairy" Then my Aunty Kat texted my dad and said "were in front of a peach colour house. And the number is 61" As my dad was reading the text, me and Leila were looking out for Awhina and her family.

Then my dad said "they are in front of a peach coloured house. and the number is 61" So then we saw the number "61" and drove right in front of the house.  As we were looking, my mum was reading the street and it said "Buckland's beach road" Then my mum said "Were at the wrong beach!" So then my dad said "Ohhh. Now I know were i'm going"

As we were driving my dad turned on to the left. Then we saw a big peach coloured house and the number was 61. When we parked up we saw Awhina's mum Aunty Sera and Aunty Sera's family. "Finally!" Leila and I said.

I quickly got changed into my toges and ran straight to the water. I was trying to look for Awhina and her friends because they were already on the boat. But then I heard voice's shouting "Hannah! Over here!" Then I took a look at the back of me and there I saw them. When I was running to them they were all saying "hi!" or "Finally!"

When I was in the boat, there was little activities and one of them was a dounut ride. It is the floating yellow circle. All you had to do was get into the dounut and the boat will do the rest. There was a string for the dounut to hold onto the boat. So as I got on I was drifting away until "AHHHHH!" I was screaming. "They took off without telling me" I said in my head. But who cares i'm having fun!

As I got out of the dounut, I quickly sat down and had a little rest. "Can I go again?" I asked Awhina's dad Uncle Rubin "Sure!" He answered. So then I went again and again and again.

My highlight was having a good day and ridding on the dounut.

HannahT signing out :-)

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Going Pool's With My Friends!

On a bright sunny day, my friends and I went to the pools. At first me and Josephine planned it to be me, her and her cousin. But her cousin didn't come, so we picked up Iron.

As soon as Josephine and I knocked on Iron's door, all we heard were foot steps coming down the stairs. Then we hid behind a white wall.

 When she opened the door Josephine and I jumped out from the white wall and shouted "HI!" As we said that she got a big fright and then she asked "what are you doing here?" We said "to pick you up!"

 Then we asked her if she was allowed to come to the pools. As soon as we asked her she quickly said yes. Then headed straight to the door.

As we got to the pool's, we quickly got changed and ran straight to the pool. When Iron went in the pool she said it was really really cold. So in my head I was thinking of not going in, but then I just jumped inside. I wasn't shivering like Iron because I got use to it.

My favourite part was seeing my friends. Can't wait to see you guys again!

Hannah T signing out!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


 My Literacy group from last year had to make a movie for the Film Festival. I was with a group of girls and their names are Quasia, Emmy, Rave, Sela and me! The amount of time for the movie had to be 3 minutes. But we went over 3 min because we so many ideas. When we handed this movie to Mr S we watched all of the movies from the other students (including ours) and then we voted for 2 movies. Guess what we came. We came first!

As Mr S said "and the movie that came first is..... PRINCESS'S DREAM!" I was so shocked. All the girls in our group couldn't believe it. So then we remade the movie and then me and Sela presented our movie on the film festival day.

This is another throw back from last year. Enjoy!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Going to Pokeno

Last week, I went to Pokeno with my parents. Pokeno is where you can get up to 14 scoops of ice cream on one cone! It was my first time going there so I was really excited.

As my parents and I were driving to Pokeno, we were thinking of how many scoops we were going to have. My parents were thinking of 4 or 3 and I was thinking of 2 or 3. My dad said "we're nearly there!" I could tell because there were signs saying "Pokeno market!" and "Pokeno next stop"  I took a lot of photo's.

When we parked up we saw a horse! I really wanted to pat it but decided that I would eat before I did. When we entered the store we were squashed because there were a lot of people who wanted ice cream.  I was thinking of two scoops but I went with three scoops. As we were looking at the ice creams I saw my favourite ice cream, caramel fudge and walnut. So that was my first ice cream scoop. Then I picked passion fruit and Candy floss.

As we finished our ice creams I quickly ran to the horse and tried to pat it. I was so scared but it turned out to be okay.

My favourite part was being able to pat the horse. 

Happy holidays everyone.. this is Hannah T signing out

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New Year!

On New Year's Day, I went to mission bay with my family. We went to see fire works go off on top of the Sky Tower. 

As soon as we got there, it was packed everywhere! But then we found a parking space near Kelly Tarltons. When we got out of the car, I bought my scooters for me and my cousin. When I was about to cross the road, people were shouting out "HAPPY NEW YEARS!" with loud music playing. 

My mum and dad were sitting down on the concrete playing connect four, while me and my cousin were playing on our scooters. We were waiting for an hour for the count down, So I was taking heaps of photos of the city. As the moment came, everybody was counting down " 3,2,1" Then we saw a colorful spark come from the sky tower. Then it went crazy with colours and different kind of sparks.

My highlight for that moment was seeing all of the colours and sparks.