Thursday, 23 January 2014

My 2 little sisters!

This is my sister Sachi. I have two sisters so she's the youngest. 
Sachi is very kind and sometimes has a lot of attitude. Sachi has traveled around the world to some pretty cool places. She has been to Australia, America and other special places around the country.

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Seili is the sporty sister. She plays touch, rippa rugby, netball and other sports. Seili is the middle sister, and can sometimes be just a little bit bossy. Seili and Sachi always argue and that's when I come in as the big sister. Seili lives in Christchurch, so Sachi and I don't really get to see her that much. It makes me sad sometimes because i wish we could all be close together.
Then theres me.  I'm the oldest.  I love being the oldest because i get to boss my little sisters around haha.  I also like being the oldest because I know that if I ever needed anything that my sisters will always be there.  So thats us the 3 amigos, I love my sisters.  

What about you? Are are you the oldest, middle or the youngest?
This is Hannah T signing out- bye!


  1. Hi Hannah,
    I really like and love the post you have posted on your blog. Your 2 young sister's look just like you I really hope you have enjoyed your holidays with your family.Have a great day!!!!!!!!.
    By Muamua.L

  2. Hi Mua. Thanks for commenting on my blog!