Wednesday, 2 September 2015

#Miss Universe New Zealand =)

Yesterday afternoon the senior block had some special visitors to welcome. Those special visitors were the gorgeous, stunning, amazing contestants of Miss Universe New Zealand. The final twenty had supposed to come, but sadly four ladies missed out. So in total there were sixteen girls that came. Out of the sixteen girls, three girls represented them by talking to us about what they do and some advice on what we need to do if we have want to chase our dreams.

The three girls names were, Gabrielle Manaloto, Ella Wilson and Sharne Boot. They each spoke at a time and what they were talking about had inspired each and every one of us. Sharne had talked about how she knew we were talking about entrepreneurs and that she wanted to be an entrepreneur herself when she was a kid. She now owns a recycling company that she hopes helps the environment. She also explained that the next day (Today) all twenty of them were traveling to the Philippines to the city of Manilla. As soon as the three of them had finished, the sixteen of them had split up into five groups to talk about themselves and what they do and what they succeeded.

I learn’t that anything could happen when you do new things or try new events. I also learn’t that you can chase your dream if you work hard and create some sweat into working hard and you may get there. I had a lot of fun listening to their stories and listening to how you could make your dream a reality. This is a link to where you could see and know more about those magnificent ladies! Miss Universe New Zealand Website =)