Tuesday, 29 July 2014

#Favourite Commonwealth Sport!!

One of my favourite events from the Commonwealth Games is Netball. The team that I'm supporting is the Silver Ferns from NZ. The Silver Ferns are in Pool A and are coming second place.  They have played 3 games and won all 3.  The team that is coming first is Jamaica.  Jamaica has played 4 and has won all four of their games.  New Zealand and Jamaica are having a game tomorrow at 11:30 (New Zealand Time) and I think that this will be an exciting game.

The second team I'm supporting is, South Africa. South Africa is coming third in Pool B and they have played 3 games, won two games and lost one. My favourite player from South Africa is Zanele Vimbela. The reason why Zanele Vimbela is my favourite player, because she's the same position as me which is GK and she is a really good defender. The next game they're having is at 9:30 (NZ time), and they are playing against Australia.

Hopefully, my two teams come first in both Pools.

HannahT signing out - Bahaha!

#Plant and Food Research =:=

Today, my class and I went into the street for some really special visitors. Their names were, Jacob, Laura and Lara.. They came to our school to teach us some scientific things about plants and food. We weren’t the only class that went, we also went with, class 3 and 4. When they finally got ready, we got into the first experiment.

First they needed, cabbage juice, vinegar and Mr Muscle. Laura was talking about how the purple cabbage will turn into different colours like, pink or dark green. The pink colour stood for acid, and the green colour, stood for base (basic) The first one we tested was the vinegar, so Laura poured the cabbage juice into a long tube and then she poured . As soon as she put the vinegar into the cabbage juice , it turned red straight away. So then we all screamed out “ACID!” Meanwhile,  she quickly poured Mr Muscle into the cabbage juice and it turned dark green. Then again all of us screamed “BASE!”

After that experiment we had another experiment, but it was better than the first one. For the next experiment we had to step back, because it included, dry ice. For the experiment they needed dry ice, gloves and water. So there was a big jug of water and then Jacob picked up the dry ice with his gloves and threw it into the jug. As soon as threw the dry ice there, there was a cloud of carbon dioxide sinking to the ground. Everyone was excited and said “Wow! I wanna do that one day!”

As soon as they finished talking, they asked us if we had any questions and nobody put their so I had to quickly do a thank you speech. When I finished saying thank you, we then said our goodbyes. My favourite part was watching them do the experiments. *o*

HannahT signing out- Luh Ya


#Math Whizz >:)

Today for maths, I had to play whizz. I had no challenges so all I did was tutor mode. At the time I had 0 points, so that meant a lot of games to play. I was really struggling with the game I was on, but I finally got there and got a good score. The next game I played included, division, addition and subtraction. When I was playing the game, i thought it was waaayyy to easy for me, but when it got up to the last 2 questions I didn't want to play anymore. At the end of the day I succeeded my goal which was to finish off the hard game I was struggling on.

HannahT signing out- Y.o.l.o

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

#My Birthday =)

During the school holidays, it was my birthday. For my birthday, I had my friends come over and play amazing race. As soon as Leila arrived to my house, my mum went to pick up my friends. When Leila and I were waiting for my mum, we were watching scary pranks.

As soon as my mum got home, Leila and I ran down stairs and gave them hugs. While we were heading up stairs, all the girls were giving me their presents. For my presents, I got a lot of money and 2 pairs of T- shirts. When the girls were all there, we finally got into teams. I was the leader for my team and Asena was the leader for her team. For the first challenge we had to pick a team member.

 For my team we nominated Iron to do the first challenge and from the other team, Josephine had to do it. The first challenge was a individual task and the task had cups filled with lollies, fish, chips and other stuff. After you have eaten the things in the cup, you had to read the bottom to see what the next clue was.

 As soon as we started the challenge, Josephine got the first cup right, it said "Where Do I Get The" When we heard that they got the first one, we were screaming at Iron saying "HURRY UP!" or " Try That One!" Iron finally got one right with the disgusting fish that she had to chew and gulp. Suddenly Iron choose the cup filled with peas and then we found the second clue, which said " Envelopes from?" When we put the cups together, we finally got the answer. The answer was the mail box.

So we quickly ran to the mail box and found the next clue. While we were reading it, we saw the other team running up to the letter box. When they slid the clue out of the letter box, we quickly ran back to the house. As we were heading up stairs, we saw the other team following us. "Ahhhh did you even read the clue?" We asked. "Of course we did" they answered back. My team didn't really care, because we were running out of time. As soon as we got into the house, we got straight into the next challenge.

The next challenge was a pair challenge. So the challenge included chillies and peas. From my group the 2 people were, Jordenne and I. Jordenne ate the long chilly, and I ate the little chilly with the peas. I thought the chillies were really hot, but they actually weren't. But when I ate the peas, my mouth was burning hot. When our plate had nothing on it, we got our next clue. As soon as we got the clue we saw a word that included going to another place.

We quickly headed to the car and went straight to my church, Grace International. The challenge included spoons and eggs. The challenge looked so easy, but it wasn't -.-  As soon as we got there, we quickly got our spoon and egg and ran to the end of the basket ball court and passed to the next person. Iron went first for our group and I was last. I was so scared because I didn't want my egg to drop. When our group finished, we snatched the clue off of my mother. The next clue included the Library.

While we were driving to the library, we were reading the clue properly. It said "Find three books that Roald Dahl wrote and give the library reference code to the other two team members where they have to locate the books" So my group was thinking about the title of one of his books, and we got, The BFG, Charlie and the chocolate factory and Matilda.

As soon as we got there, quickly ran into the library. We saw the other team, and they had 2 books already! So we had to find the other book. Two of us girls had to sit down and the other two had to look for the 1 book. As we were spying at the other team, we saw them hide the 2 books from us. We were confused but then they told us they had to find the last one. When we heard that, we were so happy so we were all over the place looking for the last one.

As soon as we saw this lady pushing a trolley, we saw the title "BFG" I couldn't believe it, so I walked to the trolley and stole the book. We went to go and show my dad but then we forgot the other 2 books. When we were getting the other books, we saw one of the other team member's watching us. So we quickly got the books and ran to my dad. When we finished the challenge we quickly hid the books and got the final clue. The final clue included the pools.

So we went straight into the car and headed to the motorway. When we were in the car waiting for traffic, we called my mum to see if she was ok. So we did and she said she found the books and their nearly there. But guess what? The pools were all the way in Parakai, so we didn't believe her. But then we heard her reverse and we did, so my dad was driving faster so we could win. The clue said "All your team members have to go down the slide at the same time and the first team wins the whole thing" After we read the clue, all we saw were sings that said "Welcome To Parakai!" or "Parakai!!" and that's when we knew we were there.

When we finally got there, all the members in my group got changed and ran straight to the slide. While we were walking up the stairs, we saw the other group come threw the doors with their togs on. Then they were running to the slide, they saw us and had angry faces.

At the end of the day, we won and had a lot of fun. My highlight was stealing the books off of the other team.

HannahT signing out- Au revoir (Bye in French)

#Immersion Assembly =D

As you all know the holidays are over, so that means school’s starting! Today is the first day of school and so far its been a relaxed day. Every start of the term, we have Immersion Assembly’s. So in the morning, we had an immersion assembly.

First up was Team 1’s Performance. Team 1 had a movie and it was about the Glasgow Commonwealth games. The teachers were pretending that they were Athletes from around the world. Miss Lal was from Fiji, Miss Rapold was from South Africa, Mrs Moala was from Samoa, Miss Wild was from New Zealand and Mrs George was pretending to be the queen. I liked how they were pretending to be athletes from around the world.

Team 2’s performance was about them also pretending to be athletes but they were also pretending to play the different sports. Miss Eadie was pretending to play shot put and Miss Dwyer was pretending to throw a javelin. My favourite part from their performance was Miss She challenging Miss Eadie for boxing and Miss She won.

For Team 3’s Performance, they were talking about one of the sports the do in the commonwealth games, it is called “Gymnastics” Mrs Barks was talking about how they dance and what items they would need. Miss King, Miss Thomson, Miss Walters and Miss Nalder. As Mrs Barks was talking, all you could see is the other teachers dancing at the back of her. My favourite part was watching Miss King do a flip.

Team 4’s performance was soo funny. They had a video clip, and it was about them creating a new sport named “Potato Sculpture” The contestants were.....Miss Lavakula from India, Miss Garden from the Cook Islands, Mr Goodwin from Jamaica and Miss Ouano from Scotland. At the end of the day, Miss Garden got disqualified and Mr Goodwin won by making a snowman out of mashed potato.

Friday, 4 July 2014

#Aspirational Speakers *o*

This Morning, all senior classes went to go and sit in the street. There were special visitors that were coming to talk to us about their education and how they made it into uni and how they got the job they are working for now. Their names were, Alfred, Jason, Arizona and Andrew.

As soon as we started, we had to sing the waiata, Mihi Mai Ra. Mihi Mai Ra, is a waiata that welcomes people to our school. When the waiata finished, Andrew then stood up and started the speech. He then introduced the first speaker, Jason.

Jason was talking about uni and how he teaches maths at Tamaki College. The words that stood out for me were “Don’t follow your friends. Do the things you love not the things your friends love. And make your parents proud”  When he said that, I was thinking about my friends and me. When Jason said his final words, Alfred introduced the next speaker.

The next speaker had a really cool job, he is a police man! His name is Alfred. Alfred was talking about, how he started with school and how he became a police man. The words he said that stood out for me was...”Be your self not others.” As soon as he swapped with the other speaker, everyone started clapping and cheering and said “Alfred is my favourite speaker for today!” But they hadn't heard the next speaker.

The next speaker was 18 and she was the only girl that came with them. her name is Arizona. Arizona is Maori, Fijian, Samoan and Tongan. She just finished college from Epsom Girls Grammar and she also was head girl! So when she finished college she got a scholarship for communication. Now she goes to Auckland Uni and studies communication. Arizona was talking about, how she started in primary, how she became captain in intermediate and how she then became head girl for Epsom. Arizona was by far the best speaker for because she was really energetic and liked to play around a lot. The words she said that stood out for me was "Tahi: Do Your Mahi, Dr Seuss poem: Today your are you that is truer than true there is no one alive that is yewer than you, San: have some fun, 4: knock down the door which means be confident and 5: strive to stay alive.

They all really inspired me to do what I love and not what my friends love. My highlight was listening to Arizona. Here is a clip of Arizona say a speech at a exhibition in the Auckland Museum.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

#Parent Teacher Interveiwers =/

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" I say as Levi hands out the permission slips for the parent teacher interviews. Every student in my class was moaning with an angry face. " Miss, do I have a good report? Please Say Yes!" Jennifer asks as she walks past Miss Paget. "I don't know" Miss Paget says, with a smiley face.

I couldn't stop thinking about the interview, I would think about my grades and how my parents were going to react about my report. Usually my report would be good, but if its bad.......... =(. So mum and dad if your reading this I tried my best =)

Hannah T signing out