Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Busy Saturday

Today I am going with my dad. We are going to see my nana. After we see my nana, my dad and I are going to the Otara Market, straight after the market we are going to my dads house.

We are going to celebrate my cousin's birthday today, her name is Kayla. She is going to turn 13,  for her birthday, we are going to have a swim and a massive feed. Kayla is one of my best cousins.

There is another birthday today and her name is Eden. So straight after Kaylas birthday I am going to go to Edens birthday. I am going to have a sleep over with a group of girls at Edens house. For Eden's birthday we will be going to Eastern Beach tomorrow.

 So today, it looks like I am going to have a busy day. Happy Saturday guys!

HannahT Signing out- PEACE!

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