Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Museum Part 2

During the holidays, I have been going out to some cool places. One of those places was the Museum. I was so excited and couldn't wait to go inside. When we got there, it was packed! As we were looking for a parking space, we finally saw red lights reversing " FINALLY!" I said out loud.

As we got into the museum I saw a lot of people down stairs and up stairs. When I was waiting for my mum and dad to pay, I was taking loads of pictures. As my dad was shouting "Hannah! Come on, I quickly caught up.

The first thing we saw were the wakas. I took a lot of photos of the wakas, the whare and the tiki's. I really liked a carving on one of the tiki's, because there were so many patterns and it looked so cool. When I saw the waka I was looking at the carving at the front. Inside the whare were a lot of carvings.

As we moved on, I went into the area where there were all of these Island stuff. So I quickly sneaked into the room and looked around. I saw my four cultures, Cook Island, Tongan, Samoan and Niue. As I was looking, I took photos of the letters on the floor. I was looking around, and then I saw a tevaivai. A tevaivai is a Cook Island sheet that Cook Island people make by hand.

After I saw the Island area, I saw my mum and dad looking at the lollies. The lollie section is where heaps and heaps of olden day lollies were. I saw a lot of them that I knew, because it is still here like  minties, snakes and other lollies. 

After a couple of hours in the Museum, we left and I had a thousand photos on my new camera including the ones in this collage. My highlight was spending time with my family and taking hundreds of photos.

HannahT - Signing out Laterz!

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