Tuesday, 28 January 2014


I can't wait to go to school this year, because I will be a year 7! My primary days are over,  But i'm looking forward to this year with my learning. I hope I will get a cool teacher and hopefully I will be in the same class as my friends. My goal for this year is to try and become a prefect. Last year was cool but this year will be better.  I'm going to miss my primary teachers and friends who have gone.

I will miss being an Ambassador, but good luck to the Ambassador' s this year it will be fun! I don't want to be a Year 8, because I don't want to leave. Why can't Point England have a college? Well I hope it will be a awesome year this year!
HannahT signing out.


  1. Wow Hannah,
    Amazing picture and post. I really see that you want to be a prefect for Pt England School. So do I!! I know you can be it if you believe and reach for it. With God with you anything is possible in his eyes. Wish you the best and hope you become a prefect!!

    From Yanquasia

  2. Hi Quasia! I really do want to be a prefect. Well I'll still pray. I hope you will be a prefect as well! Thanks for commenting!

    Frm Hannah!