Thursday, 18 April 2013


 This is a presentation that I have mad with my maths class!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

The history of Shirley Temple.

An American child movie star in the 1930's, Shirley Temples first movie, at the age of three, was War Babies (1932) . By 1934 she was considered a true star as she sang and tap-danced her way through several movies, including Little Miss Maker and Bright Eyes, in which she sang the hit, "On The Good Ship Lollipop." As a teenager her movies were less popular, and she retired in 1949. She entered politics during the late 1960s, becoming the ambassador for the U.S government.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Talking about Sea turtles!

 This is a Movie that me and my friend made about sea turtles! The reason why we are talking about sea turtle is because we are reading a book about it. It is about How long sea turtles live, how do they die and all kinds of stuff like that. WE are going to explain what information is in the book! ENJOY!  
Hannah and Sela Sea turtle from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My Pirate Story!

Once there was a Pirate named Pirate Miisii. The reason why her name is Captain Misi is because she is a brat! She is really short and thinks she can sing. But she can’t! She has black teeth and has ugly hair that is pink and yellow. She has coutos and nits and she shows off in front of the boys. She is the only Lady captain in the whole wide world.

Well i am going to tell you how she became a Pirate.

When Pirate Miisii was a real girl like she was clean and she was really pretty and she loved to have fun. She would always say”I wish I were a Pirate!”  

But it all changed one night when she was trying to sleep but the window was opening and closing and then she saw somebody near the window and she was so scared so she slowly put the blanket over her head. but then the light switched on.

As soon as the light switched on she said “ please don't hurt me! please please” and then she heard a voice. “I won't hurt you I promise”. So she slowly took off the blanket off her face and then she saw this fairy and then she said “ I heard that you have a little wish?” “yes i do i do!” she said. “ Well what's your little wish?” “I want to be a pirate” she said quietly. “ I parten?” the fairy said. “ I want to be a pirate!” she said loudly . “ok then” so all you saw was sparkles surrounding her. But then she banished! Then the fairy laughed and then she disappeared!

And that is how pirate miisii became a pirate . And she lived happily ever after! The end


Fiafia is coming up and I cant what to perform infront of my family! There are many cultures that are performing. So I cant wait to watch them! I am in the Cook Island dance group. I love to dance in a Cook Island group. But one day I want to dance my other cultures like, Tongan,Samoan and Niuean. 

Testing the Omaru Creek!

 This is what I have Created on the Ipad. It is about the results of what we found out of the Omaru Creek!


OMG! The Ambassadors for 2013 are on the news paper! How cool is that. If you want to read it click on this link and find out what they have written about. DIGITAL LEARNING TAKES OFF!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Making Fanz!

Last week was Conference and it was fun. So my dad thought of a great idea and it was making fans. My dad is a graphic designer so he can do anything. He designed somthing and then he put it on a cardboard shaped as a fan! My mum and dads connect group helped us so it can be faster! We made 300 fanz. Thats heaps! It cost 2$.
We were fundraising for the wells in cambodia.

Maths problem

 Here is a movie about my math problem that I figured out.

My long weekend!

Long weekend was the best weekend ever! Because I had a conference to go to it was for my church. I was performing for the conference and I was in the opening (the first item) and the cook island group. The conference was for three days friday,saturday and sunday. So I performed on friday morning and sunday night. My mum was kind of like the boss for the conference.

Friday: Friday was the first day for the conference and there were not that much people, there were only 70 people so I was lucky. Friday was the youth day. So there was singing, dancing and other stuff.

Saturday: Saturday was the night the drama was going on. It was about this boy named Joshua he was getting bullied at school and the bullies was his cousin Kepu,So he would come back with bloody noses and a black eye. Kepu was in the tongan group so Joshua got forced to go to the tongan group with Kepu. Joshua was an artist but his mum did not like it so she tore apart his paint brushes everything.

Sunday: Sunday was the big night thats because it was our last day for the conference there was a feed and heaps of people. I was first up and I was so nervous because there were so many people all over that I couldn’t concentrate. Sunday was the culture group day so I performed two times. THAT WAS HARD!

Then on Monday I went to my family reunion so I had to dance again and I had to wake up early and look for some pareoe’s for me my mum and my cousin. But then It was such short notice we had to a family tree of all my family to generation to generation to generation then it was me and my cousins.

On Tuesday I went to see my dad, My dads girlfriend (Danika) and my little sister. it was so fun! We were watching movies and playing outside. Danika has a big swimming pool at the back of her house. Her house is a two story and it is really big.

Thats why I had the best Long weekend. The only thing that I didn’t like is that I only got a little bit of easter eggs. But I am grateful. My favourite part was performing. Please leave feedback when you read this.