Friday, 14 December 2012

Prizing Giving

Last night I went to prize giving. It was so cool! I was in two items. The pounamu group and the item that I was doing with the year 5’s . The year fives were first to perform - after the Pounamu group had welcomed everyone, so I had to change as fast as I could.

As I was changing into my clothes I was so nervous to perform in front of my friends and  family. When I finished changing I had a little practice with the girls.

As I walked up onto the stage I saw my mum, my dad , my aunt and my nana. I was so shy that I always looked down to  the floor. I really wanted to do the pukana but then as I looked at my mum all I saw was her flashlight from her phone. Walking off the stage I ran as fast as I could to the library to get changed

Running into the doors of the hall I sat down sweating. Then all of a sudden I heard Mr Burt say “ now its time for the year five item!” and then I stood up again and got into my position. then i started dancing then my mum did it again! and saying my head “ I can’t wait to go back and sit down!”. When the performance finished Mr Burt took a long time to say the the names of the year six’s who were going to get a certificate or a little trophy from the sports awards.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Do you know what Perimeter is? Well I do! Today I learnt what Perimeter is.  Perimeter means how far around the outside of a shape. Here is a site if you want to know more about Perimeters

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

2012 Manaiakalani reflecction

This year is totally different because I can share my stories with the world. Having a netbook is really cool because you can see what other people shared as well. I like commenting on other peoples blogs so it can help them think about how they should write or do their maths properly.

My learning has gone up a level on my  maths and reading. Maths is one of my favorite things to do in school and reading I enjoy as well. I love doing maths online and reading as well because there are all of these sites that you can go on.

2012 has surprised me because I have learned heaps of stuff I can do on the internet. Learning with a net book has changed everything that happens in school.

 I would've enjoyed playing more sports with my class.Like baseball, netball, cricket and basketball. Every term there is a sport that we play and there will always be somebody that will teach us how to play.

My goal for 2013 is to try and do .Having a netbook that goes online is really helpful because it really helps me .The best thing being a yr 5 is how to Learn Create and Share.