Thursday, 30 October 2014

#Almost Is Never Enough!! =)

This video above is me singing a song just for you! Soooo sit back and relax and I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

#Volleyball!!! ^.~

Today I participated in a volleyball tournament. I wasn't in the original volleyball team, but because the yr 8's have gone to camp, they needed some more players .We had 8 players in total so there were 2 subs. We didn't have the chance to have trainings, so we had to quickly practice at school. While we practising, Miss Va'afusuga introduced us to our umpire from One Tree Hill. His name was Nigel.

The interzones were held in Henderson so we had to get to school early. Sadly, the traffic was sooo bad that we were driving 20 k/ph. While we were driving, the girls and I were playing Chinese whispers. We were soo hot, that we were all sweating.

When we finally got there, all 8 of us girls jumped out of the car and took a deep breathe in and out. As we were walking threw the doors, all we heard were kids shouting "Mine!" "Yours!" "Serve!" We were surprised because as soon as we got there, we went straight into our first game.

Our first opponents were, Howick Intermediate. They looked soo hard that all the girls were terrified. When the game started, we lost the challenge of rock paper scissors so they got to serve first. We were doing until the second halve.

At the end of the day we lost some games and won some games. But we didn't go with our heads down. Kegeley came third, Manurewa came second and Viscount came first. We can't wait until next year.

HannahT signing out - Ba!

Monday, 20 October 2014

#My Avatar!! ^-*

All the students in my class had to draw an avatar. My avatar explains some things about me. So the red shirt (My uniform) on the right explains my school and my education at Point England School. The M&M explains how a have the most biggest sweet tooth ever and last but not least, elmo explains my child hood and how I loved watching Elmo. The reason why my Avatar is all red, is because my house colour is Te Arawa (Red)

HannahT sining out - Fa!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

#Niuean Language Week 2 & 3! =D

As you all know, this week is Niuean language week! I was suppost to blog every day this week, but I sadly failed ='( So I am sorry but I will be combinding part 2 and 3 together for this blog post. Today I will be writing 5 sentences about me in Niuean!

My 5 sentences:

Fakalofalahiatu ko ingoa hako ko Hannah - Hello my name is Hannah

Koe tau haku hongo fulu ma u'a - I am 12 years old

Matua haku koa Rob Tiniteila - Taniue - My dads name is Rob Tiniteila - Taniue

Matua fefeine haku koa Rite Tetini - Luatutu - My mums name is Rite Tetini - Luatutu

Matua fefine haku koa Mona Lisa Fataeke - Tiniteila - My nana's name is Mona Lisa Fataeke - Tiniteila

Hello my name is Hannah. I am 12 years old. My dads name is Rob Tiniteila - Taniue. My mums name is Rite Tetini - Luatutu. My nana's name is Mona Lisa Fataeke - Tiniteila.

Fakalofalahiatu ko ingoa hako ko Hannah. Koe tau haku hongo fulu ma u'a. Matua haku koa  Rob Tiniteila - Taniue. Matua fefeine haku koa Rite Tetini - Luatutu. Matua fefine haku koa Mona Lisa Fataeke - Tiniteila

Hannaht signing out - Koe Kia fakaoelahi kia matulu osi! (Good bye thank you)


Monday, 13 October 2014

#Niuean Language Week! *-*

This week is Niuean language week and I am going to be teaching you some Niuean facts and Niuean words. I am Niuean myself, I am from the village Alofi. I am going to be writting a blogpost everyday of this week about Niuean Language week. I am going to start with some facts about Niue.

5 Facts about Niue:
1. Did you know that English and Niuean is the most spoken languages in Niue.
2. Did you know that Niue has 10 villages?
3. Did you know that more Niueans live in New Zealand than in Niue?
4. Did  you know while most Niueans live in New Zealand, there are only 1500 Niuans living in Nuie? Counting up every person from every village.
5. Did you know that you can drive around Niue in less than a day?

More to come... HannahT signing out - koe kia (Goodbye in Niuean)