Monday, 26 May 2014

#Visiting The Sky Tower!

Last Saturday afternoon, my family and I went to the Auckland City Sky Tower for my cousins birthday. We were going to a restaurant called, Orbit 360 Dining. Orbit is a restaurant that is on the 52nd floor and it also spins around! When my mum and dad told me that we were going to Sky Tower, I was so excited. But the only thing I wasn't excited about was how high it was going to be, because I am really scared of heights.

As soon as we parked up, I quickly ran out of the car and went straight to the elevator. When we got out of the elevator, I saw my aunty and uncle. After saying our hello's, we had to go into another elevator.  We went all the way to floor 52!

When we walked out of the crowded elevator, I see a clear view of Auckland. My cousin was so excited to be there that she ran to the window and stared at the view for quite a while. I was looking at each table and guessing which table we were going to, then our waiter pointed to the table. "Yes!" I said in my head.

While I ordered my food, I could see people bungy jumping off the level above us. Everyone was screaming and surprised that someone would even try and jump off the Sky Tower. After our dinner, we went to the Sky view which was on floor 60 and was 220m from the ground.  At the end of the day, we had a lot of fun and wished we could stay there longer.

Happy reading everyone, Hannah T signing off...