Sunday, 26 January 2014

Family time!

Yesterday, I went to my uncles house. His name is Oreni, We were having a Barbeque at his place for lunch. Uncle Oreni has a pool, so my mum and dad knew that I was going to swim for the whole day. One of my other Uncles came and his name is Manuel. My dad went straight to the boy's and helped them with the barbeque. As the guys were cooking the barbeque, the ladies were putting together some salads.

As soon as the barbeque was finished everybody was surrounding the table. My dad then said a prayer. After the prayer, we ate all the meat and some of the salad. All of the parents were on the table and the kids were in the sitting room. I could hear my dad telling old stories about when he was young. 

Straight after lunch, I asked my Aunty Iza if she could swim with me, then she said "yea"  So I quickly got changed and jumped in the pool. The pool was really cold, but I then got use to it. I was doing bombs, diving and having swimming competitions with my Aunty Iza. Everybody started to come in and hang near the pool and it was so much fun.

I had a great time with my family. My highlight was getting to hang out with some of my family. HannahT signing out - PEACE!!!!!

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