Monday, 6 January 2014

Going to Pokeno

Last week, I went to Pokeno with my parents. Pokeno is where you can get up to 14 scoops of ice cream on one cone! It was my first time going there so I was really excited.

As my parents and I were driving to Pokeno, we were thinking of how many scoops we were going to have. My parents were thinking of 4 or 3 and I was thinking of 2 or 3. My dad said "we're nearly there!" I could tell because there were signs saying "Pokeno market!" and "Pokeno next stop"  I took a lot of photo's.

When we parked up we saw a horse! I really wanted to pat it but decided that I would eat before I did. When we entered the store we were squashed because there were a lot of people who wanted ice cream.  I was thinking of two scoops but I went with three scoops. As we were looking at the ice creams I saw my favourite ice cream, caramel fudge and walnut. So that was my first ice cream scoop. Then I picked passion fruit and Candy floss.

As we finished our ice creams I quickly ran to the horse and tried to pat it. I was so scared but it turned out to be okay.

My favourite part was being able to pat the horse. 

Happy holidays everyone.. this is Hannah T signing out


  1. That sounds like a fun experience Hannah. I was envisioning that icecream and it made my mouth water. You seem to be putting your new camera to good use.

    I am reading this in the Hong Kong airport - one of your international fans :)

    Mrs Burt

    1. Hi Mrs Brut!

      Yes it was really fun. Thanks to my mum and dad, I use my camera a lot. That is so cool you went to Hong Kong! Well hope you have a good year this year with the new ambassadors and hope you remember us this year!

      Love Hannah :)