Thursday, 27 February 2014

Dear Dumb Diary

I read Dear Dumb Diary by Jim Benton it was cool because it felt like I was reading a real diary.  I understood it because of the way the main character wrote about what she was thinking and what she did.

I have a diary as well so I could relate to the story.  My highlight of the book was reading the end when the main character and the bully became friends.

I give the book 4 stars out of 5 * * * *

Hannah T signing out

Math Whizz player

Last night, I completed Math Whizz. As soon as I saw my old score, I felt embarrassed because I was coming last. I then went on consult and replayed my games and was able to get a new score.
I came first!!! Yay I love Math wizz because it helps me to learn more.

Hannah T signing out... Peace

Jamie's World!

Jamie's World is one of my favourite things to watch on Youtube. Jamie talks about anything and everything, she even talked about studies and school. The first time I watched Jamie's World, I started laughing and couldn't stop.

Jamie has a lot of clips, but this is my favourite. It talks about school and what she does during school.
Which video from Jamie do you like?

HannahT signing out- bye!

Monday, 17 February 2014


Our homework for class was brainnook and I had to finish off my activities. For my activities I had to get over 150 points, so I have to replay the activity over and over again.         

When I finished all my activities, a sign came up that said " You are now on level 5!""What!" I shouted to the computer. "What a waist of my time!" I said with a angry voice. All my friends are on level 11 or level 12 and all you see is "Hannah: Level 5" How embarrassing?! But ill still be trying my hardest. 

" I did it!" I shouted happily to myself. "I'm finally the highest student in my school in Math Whizz!" I shouted proudly with my arms in the air. I finally came first place  out of my school and I improved to going to 93 points, to 220 points. When I reached 100, I was asking myself " Should I stop or should I keep going? " But I wanted to come first in my school. So I kept on going.

When I reached 220, I stooped, took a screenshot and when straight on Brainnook. When ever I finished a game on Math Whizz, I would always check who would be first in my school. Then when I saw "1 HannahT30" I was so happy.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Writing test

Last night I completed a writing test where I had to place the commas in the right place. I found the test a little hard but I really enjoyed it. The example is at the top and my answers are at the bottom.

Hannah T signing out.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Math Whizz

This photo is a program called Math Whizz. This is part of our learning at school, I sometimes play it at home too.  People from around the world play Math Whizz, including us! Third place is cool, but I need to improve more by practicing everyday.

HannahT signing out!


This piece of paper is a test I did on Kidzone at home last night.  I had to do this in 10 minutes and there were fifty maths questions. The reason why I am practicing this is because I have a homework planner and for maths I go on Kidzone. I got 47 out of 50.  My next challenge is to get all of them right.

Hannah T signing out.

Monday, 10 February 2014



Gardening with my Grandpa

Parking up in Bunnings, I asked my papa " What are we getting?". As my grandpa was getting out of the car, he quickly said "Plants for the garden" When he was walking off, I was quietly moaning "Oh no, we're gardening."

While my nana and I were waiting, I was looking out for my grandpa. Finally I saw his white T-shirt through the glass window. As he was walking up to the car, I saw him holding seven plants in both of his hands. " Gosh! You took about an hour just to get 7 plants".  My Papa said that it wasn't his fault because there was a good sale going on. So off we went heading back home into the garden.

"Dig! Dig!" My grandpas was shouting at me. "I am!" I said with a sweaty face. As I finished digging, my grandpa quickly poured water in the hole and placed the cabbage plant in there. "Ok. Next one." My grandpa finally says with a calm voice. " Can we have a break now?" I say with a big smile. " No! Only 7 more to go!" My grandpa says with a red face.

As I finished the last seven, I quickly went for a shower because I had dirt everywhere. My highlight was hanging out and gardening with my grandpa.

This is Hannah T signing out.

Monday, 3 February 2014

First Day Of School!

"HANNAH! GET UP AND GET READY FOR SCHOOL!" My grandma shouted in my ear. When I heard "School" I quickly got out of bed with my tired eyes, walking to my school clothes. Throwing on my T-shirt, I was asking "Are you sure there's school today?" Then my grandma answered "YES!" When I finished changing, I quickly ran into the car.

As we were driving, I was thinking about who my teacher was going to be? And which classes were my friends going to be in. When we arrived at school, I saw all of my friends going into the street (where the senior classes are). As I was walking to my friends, I saw Leila and her mum.

When Leila and I walked through the doors of the street, I saw a lot of eyes staring at us. I couldn't see my friends because I was at the back of everyone. After Mrs Nua told us the rules, she quickly called out the names of each child and in their class. I was in the last class that was called out, Room 5. My teachers name is Miss Paget.

As soon as the morning tea bell rang, I ran straight to my friends. "HANNAH!" all the girls shouted at the same time "HI! I missed you all!" I shouted back. We were talking and talking and talking until the bell rang. That was my awesome first day, How was yours?

HannahT- signing out!