Thursday, 5 November 2015

#Volleyball Story!

Waking up to an alarm clock sounding like a bird was really unusual, but time was ticking and I had to be at school before eight thirty. Grabbing my water bottle, my packed lunch and some extra pair of clothing just incase I knew I was missing something.
“Oh thats right!” I say as I’m reaching towards my lucky necklace kissing it once or twice.
“Good luck darling. Hit the ball like you're angry!” My dad shouted as I was heading outside.
“Thanks dad! Love you” I say as I was rushing towards my mum vehicle.

Walking threw the doors of the school gates, I ran towards the hall which was the location for all volleyball team members to meet. Just in time, volleyballs were set up, nets were all done and everyone was sitting down marking the roll.

“Let's go.” Mr Jacobsen said with a smile on his face.
“Yeah we better make some tracks because our first game is at nine forty five.” Our coach Timmy agreed making her way towards the van. Minutes went past and all the girls were eager to get out of the car and walk to the courts.
“Are we there yet?!” One of the girls asked jiggling around looking for a comfortable position.
“No where near” Our driver said with laughter. We were all so hot and the windows were fogging up as we spoke.

An hour later we were finally at our destination. Singing, laughing and sleeping in the van all payed up for finally stretching our legs and breathing fresh air. As we power walked towards the sliding doors, we identify that the silver ferns play on these netball courts by seeing photos of Casey Kopua and Maria Tutaia in their black netball uniforms.

After a couple of games of losing and winning, we were all exhausted at the end of the day. We had four games in total, two wins and two loss.
“Man, I’m sick and tired of Volleyball now” My mate Ata said with a yawn.
“At least we can say we went to Auckland champs and came forth” I said with a positive attitude.

My favourite team we played against was, Mt Roskill, the reason for that being, they would try and spike but we would always recover by hitting it back or defending it. I really enjoyed my time meeting new people and making friends with other schools.

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