Monday, 31 August 2015

#How Do You Prevent Yourself From Getting Sick?

In this explanation I am going to be explaining and providing you with information as to how you could prevent from getting sick. This explanation is going to provide you with some ideas of how you could stop yourself from getting sick. Here are some of the reasons of how you could prevent you from getting sick.

First, how does the snotty nose and the mucus cough begin? Well one of the reasons are... you're not wearing enough clothes! Yes, most people get sick throughout the season of colds, which is winter. So to prevent yourself from getting sick in the 92 days of sickness you would obviously have to wear warm and comfortable clothes. Most of your body heat comes from your feet and your shoulders. So the smart thing to do is, cover up!

Another reason this virus is spreading is because, you are not having enough sleep. Yes, sleeping should be one of your #1 priorities, because you need as much time to relax and sleep. When you're ill, you would need to loosen up and unwind for a bit to let your body go through a quick process of calming down.

Another reason to why this type of sickness is growing threw communities is because, you need to have a shower once or twice a day and make sure you're washing your hands after you went to the loo (toilet) and before you touch any food make sure to wash your hands.

There are many more reasons of how you could prevent yourself from getting sick, so the picture above the first paragraph are more facts of how you could stop you and your family from getting sick. I hope this helps you and family members of yours by not getting sick.

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  1. Hey Hannah
    I love this pience of writing.
    This could definetly help my family keep well this winter.
    I like the way that you were specific in what you are talking about