Tuesday, 26 May 2015

#ANZAC Poem! =p

Waiting and waiting in the pouring rain
A mother of five struggles with daily life
She provides a lot but can still feel the pain
She sits there pregnant, three months until due
She prays her husband will return before the month of June
“I will make it” he says “for that baby is mine”
He has priorities, but his family is still number one
He’s determined to see his baby son

This poem here was a literacy activity I had to complete ASAP. The activity was about making our own poem about the ANZAC soldiers and what they thought, what others thought, how their families felt etc. My main character in my poem is based on the mother, because I really thought about how much the mothers missed their husbands and how the children felt when they were waving goodbye to their one and only father.


  1. Hey Hannah,

    I really love your poem and its really good to read! I agree, mothers did struggle when their husbands had gone to war. Nice Job Hannah!

    Cannot wait for more posts!

  2. Hey Jojo!

    Thanks for helping me out with some words. I can't wait to read your poem! Thanks for commenting on my blog =)
    HannahT =p

  3. That was me the previous comment Hannah. Hope all is going well this year.

  4. That was me the previous comment Hannah. Hope all is going well this year.

  5. hi Hannah I think your work is so,so,so good?

    1. Thanks Mereana! I love your blog posts. Thanks for commenting on my blog =)

  6. This is such an amazing poem Hannah! It brings forward emotion and you have even managed to incorporate rhyme. Have you managed to spot this on the classroom wall yet :)

    Keep up the hard efforts!

    1. Hey Miss Clarke,
      Yes I have spotted mine and Raves on your wall ~.^ Thanks for helping me with the type of words to use and what not to use. See this Friday =D