Thursday, 9 April 2015

#Marsden Pt Camp

For the past couple of days, I have been at camp. Year 8 camp. Camp was held in Whangerei, One Tree Point. But the campus was called "Marsden Pt" Marsden Pt Camp, was a camp designed to help us with leadership and how to lead others as Year 8's. We were all split into 4 groups, Marsden, Ruakaka, One Tree Pt and North Beach. I was the leader for Marsden B with Byron.

We had 2 weeks to organise ourselves but I accidentally packed on the night before camp (✌️accidentally✌️) But I got everything ready in 9 minutes!!.. When I had finished packing my bag, I went straight to sleep...Well I tried because i was so excited.

As soon as I woke up (Oh and F.Y.I, I had to be at school by 7:15 am 😑), I probs had about, 2 hours sleep. That's how excited I was. My gear was all packed, I had breakfast, I was changed and I did my hair. The only thing I didn't do was, my bed 😞. So I secretly closed my door grabbed my bag and went to the car.  When my mum and dad came into the car, we went straight to school.

When we arrived at school, I saw my team sitting there with "Awesomeness 😌" I was so proud. But then I saw the time on the clock and it was as 8:30! What a waste of my time waking up at 6:00 😞. But it was actually a bad influence on my team, so I'm thinking that it wasn't a very good start to my leadership experience. I said my apologies and started my day with a smile. I also said my goodbyes to my family.  When we finished saying our karakia (prayer) we then packed our stuff into the 2 buses and headed straight to Whangarei. 

It took us ... 3 hours to get there 😩 but we all survived. I was falling asleep and everyone was watching a movie. I was in the bus with all my friends. So it was pretty loud. But we made it and I was so happy. Some of us got car sick but they needed to get a little bit of air. 

As soon as we got there, we took our bags out, had lunch and went straight to our cabins. In my cabin was, Ana.V, Angelina.V, Rave.M, Ata.F and Josephine.F and Me 😁. We were the first cabin on the girls side, cabin 9.

I had a lot of fun, with and without my teammates and friends. I had my ups and downs, but I made it with out crying :) I learn't a lot about leadership and how to lead others. My highlight was knowing others from my team. Marsden was Awesome! 

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