Tuesday, 28 July 2015

#Māori Language Week ☺

As you know this week is Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori! So I am going to be translating English into Māori. Guess what else is happening next week... it is Cook Is language week! The theme for this week is "Whangaihia te reo ki nga matua" which means "Nuture the language in parents". I will hopefully be blogging this whole week and the whole of next week to =).
English:                              Maori:
Hello my name is _____ - Kia Ora ko ____ toku ingoa
Hello my name is Hannah - Kia Ora ko Hannah toku ingoa

I am ___ years old - Tekau ma ____ oku tau
I am 13 years old - Tekau ma toru oku tau

My mum is ____ and she is _______ - Ko ____ toku mama no ______ ia
My mum is Rite and she is Cook Is - Ko Rite toku mama no Cook Is ahau

My dad is ____ and he is from ______ - Ko _____ toku papa no ______ ia
My dad is Lama and he is from Samoa - Ko Lama toku papa no Samoa ahau

I go to ________ School - Ko ________ toku kura
I go to Point England School - Ko Point England toku kura 

I hope you find the small sentences quite easy to pronounce. If you have any questions or small sentences or facts about the language and history you would be a huge help! We also learn the language of Maori at my school. We learn how to say preys, how to sing himenes and we also learn how to say a mihi,which our te reo teacher Miss Tito helps us with. Here is a little link to the te reo site "Te Reo". Remember, Practice makes perfect ~.^ See you tomorrow folks... Ka kete apopo!

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