Tuesday, 30 June 2015

#Anzac DLO ^-^

The video above this text is a movie I had drawn on Hyperstudio. I have been working on this DLO (Digital Learning Object) this whole term. The movie is about the memorial on our school grounds and how we draw the simple details of it.

I enjoyed drawing crosses and exploring into more events that happened during the war. As you may know, I used my poem I wrote about ANZAC as a voice over. I created this whole movie on a program named Imovie. I hope you like the movie and if you have any feedback, comment below ^.^

Love HannahT

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  1. Hannah your poem is very touching. I love how your research, knowledge and experience of Anzac is incorporated into this poem. It is very effective. You highlight the importance of family for the soldiers and how it would have lifted the morale of the Anzacs. Well done Hannah. You have communicated your thoughts, feelings and understanding around Anzac well.