Wednesday, 7 May 2014

#Sola Sisters And Kris Fox!!!!!

Have you ever heard about the Sola Sisters? Well I have and they are sooooo funny! Their names are, Serenity (The one on the right) and Lena (The one on the left). My favorite sister is Serenity. The Sola Sisters are sisters who post up alot of videos of them either, mucking around, pranking eachother, singing or interveiwing people.

Have you ever heard about Kris Fox? I have and he will easily make you laugh. Kris Fox is a guy who shots alot of videos of himself about everything and anything. The first time I watched Kris Fox, I had tears running down my face, because I laughed hard to the out.

So the Sola Sisters and Kris Fox made a video clip and of corse it is soo funny! The video is about them doing a challange about who could eat a whole chillie and wassbi at once. Of course they had to have milk!

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  1. I will have to have a look online and check the challenge video out. I don't think I could eat either of those things.