Wednesday, 14 May 2014

#Fav Stuff

For this blogpost, I am going to be talking favorite things. Like, Game, songs, photo and video. The first one is favorite Game.
                            #Fav Game ^.^
My favorite game in the world is Run. Run is a game when you control a little grey man and you try and make it to the other end. I am a total fanatic at this game, I can't even play anymore because I finished all the levels ^.^  This game is really addictive. I first played run at my cousins house. Thanks for Getting me into this game Maru and Lauryn! -.- This is the link to the game. Run
#Fav Photo
This photo here, is my favorite photo ever! I love this photo because it has my cousins and I just hanging out and talking to each other. Their names are, James, Samuell, Solomon, Hannah (Me), Paita, Pou and Leila (on the ground). When we took this photo, all us cousins hadn't seen each other in a while. I remember after the photo we went to the mall and ate there. I had a awesome day =)
#Fav Video
Of course my fav video was made by......Jamie!! This video is 100 facts about her. I really enjoy watching this video because she says really funny facts about herself. When I was watching videos with my aunty she choose "100 facts about me!" But I really didn't want to watch it but she already clicked it so I had to -.-

                                                         #Fav Songs!!!
As you all know, I lovee to sing. So I have a thousand fav songs, but sadly I choose 3. One of them is from a boy band named "Mindless Behavior" another song is by an artist named "Katy Perry" and my very last song was sang by "Santana Lopez" The first song...................

The second song................

The last song =)....................................

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