Monday, 5 May 2014

#Happy Late Birthday T.J and Farewell Papa!!!!


Happy Late Birthday to best cousin/brother, Tai Junior (T.J).
T.J turned 12, on May the first Thursday last week.

 When I woke up, I totally forgot it was his birthday. " I'm 12 today. hint hint" he said while winking his eye. "Uhhh ok?" I said with a confused face. As I look at what the time is, I see the date "1/5/14" "Oh its your birthday! Happy 12th birthday!" I said, as my other cousins copied. As soon as I said that, my mum walked in and sang the birthday song. "Hip Hip! Horay!" I shouted. "You girls have to do 12 favours for him" my mum said, seriously  'Oh wait, but TJ gets to choose them!" "Noooo!" My cousins and I shouted. TJ replied, Yay, I have many things in my head".

While T.J's birthday was happening, everyone is also busy trying to make the most of Papa Stelio farewell as he was leaving to go back to tahiti today. We took heaps of cool photos and had a yummy lunch.  That evening I also got to go to church and watch a singer from America perform at our church.  Her name is Nicole Streimer, she had a lot of nice songs and spoke about wanting to be a singer since she was 6 years old.  She was inspirational!

That was my Sunday afternoon.  Hannah T signing outt!!!

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