Monday, 12 May 2014

#Fav Movie!! ^.^

I do not know why, but this is my favorite movie of all times. I know this is a kids movie, but it is soo cool. There's singing, dancing and cool acting. The first time I watched this video, I would always watch again and again and again. But then I lost the DVD and I started crying ='(.

5 yrs later, I finally found it! As soon as I saw "Bratz Full movie"  I didn't believe it. But then I saw the time and it was "1:37:45" Then I quickly clicked on it and it was the full movie! I was soo excited, I wanted to do a blog post about it.

My favorite part, is when they have food fight and they get in trouble ^-^ I hope you enjoy watching the movie!!!!! HannahT signing out- PEACE!

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