Monday, 19 May 2014

#How To Make A Instagram Cake! *o*

I was watching videos of people baking, and I came across an Instagram cake. It looked awesome, so I clicked on it. I was amazed that the cake looked just like the real Instagram app. I was also surprised at how many people have watched the clip.

I was watching the video and it was explaining how she made it and what ingredients she used. Its impressive how people can bake any type of design with any type of food. I also found another video of the same lady baking a Facebook and twitter cake as well!

The only thing I don't like about the cake is the mousse. I like how you can't see the design outside, but you can see the design inside. For rating, I give this video a 9/10. If you want to watch the Facebook cake, click the link. FB Cake. If you want to watch the Twitter cake, click here. Twitter Cake. Enjoy!

 HannahT signing out- Laterz.

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