Monday, 5 May 2014

Math Whizz

I am back with my Math Whizz posts! (Yayyy!) I have really enjoyed the holidays and I am ready to get going with Maths Whizz! I am soo excited, I have a feeling that this term is going to be awesome! So today is the first day of term 2 and I have done 25 mins. In the holidays I actually didn't go on Math Whizz =/. But I have improved from 0 - 25 mins.

When I first went on the site, I looked at my usage (Minutes) and the number was 0! "O.M.G! I really need to play some Tutor mode . As soon as I went off of my second game, I only had 10 mins! "Whaaat? I went on two games on tutor mode and all I get is this much? Gosh!" So then I played another tutor game and another and another until I was over 15.

My favorite part was trying to beat Jordenne on a challenge, but sadly it didn't work ='(.

HannahT signing out- Laterz!!!!

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