Wednesday, 7 May 2014

#Immersion Assembly

Guess what happened this Monday? It was immersion assembly! This terms topic is, "I like to move it move it". So this immersion assembly was pretty Cray Cray. There was helium balloons everywhere and teacher's dressed up funny. Especially Mr Burt.

The first performance of teachers was Team 1. Team 1 is learning about animals. For their performance they had a multimedia showing the teachers going to the zoo and patting animals or feeding the animals. On Tuesday years 1 - 3, went to the Zoo to find out more about animals.

Team 2 are learning about flights. When I mean flights I mean Air balloons,planes and fairies! Their performance was the teachers dressed into air planes, a pilot and a fairy, and they were all dancing to a song called, "Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machine". I really enjoyed team 2's performance because, Miss She's acting was HILARIOUS!!

Carrying on with Team 3! Team 3's performance was all about, colours. So of course, It was very colourful. There was Miss King, Miss Thomson, Miss Barks and other lady teachers that were dressed very beautifully. The performance was talking about how colours react to different objects.

Team 4's performance was about, fishing, boats and things that can float. Their performance was a multimedia and some questions about what was in the video. Their prizes were chocolate fish and little rugby balls.

My most favourite performance, Team 5! We are learning about sound. Our performance was another video about them making instruments and playing them. They were pretending to be a band and playing like they actually play! But really, it was actually a song.

This term is going to be AWESOME!!!!! I cannot wait to learn about sound!!

HannahT signing out- Laterz!!!

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