Friday, 22 August 2014

#Netball!! -.-

All day today, I went to a tournament. The sport I played was, netball. Netball is my favourite sport to play, so I was really excited. A couple of weeks ago, we had a tournament and came second, so this was the final tournament. There were 14 teams of girls in each pool. The position I played was Goal Keep.

As soon as we got to the courts, all we heard was a lady speaking threw the speaker explaining where everything was, what we had to do if someone got hurt badly and how many minutes there were in each half. The halves were 11 minutes long with 2 minute breaks.

Our first game was a friendly game, because one of the teams we were playing were late. We played Kedgley, they were really hard. I had to share my position with my friend Iron. So I went first halve and Iron went second halve. At the end of the game, we lost by 3. We were all disappointed, but we still remembered that, that game was friendly, so it didn't count. 

The next game was a lot harder because, they didn't look like year 7's they looked like year 9's. For the second game, Iron went first halve and I went second halve. I played better on the first game then I did on the second game.

At the end of the day, we came lost all our games and came 12th. Holy Cross came 2nd and Kedgley came 1st. My highlight was having lunch and a drink of water.

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