Friday, 22 August 2014

#Colours!! ^-^

For the past couple of days, my class and I have been learning about, primary colours, secondary colours and tertiary Colours. We have also learn’t about warm and cool
colours. First i'm going to be talking about primary colours...

The primary colours are, blue, yellow and red. If you mix, two colours at the same time, you would get secondary colours. Primary colours are really important because they can make secondary colours.

Secondary colours are, green, violet and orange. To make green you would have to add, blue + yellow together. To make violet you would have to add, blue + red together. Finally, to make orange you would have to add, red + yellow together.

Tertiary colours are made up with a primary colour and a secondary colour together. The tertiary colours are, light green, dark green, dark purple, light purple, dark orange and gold. To make light green you mix, Yellow + green, it’ll make light green. To make, dark green you would have to add, blue + green. To make dark purple, you would need to mix, blue + violet. To make light purple, you would have to mix, red + violet. To make dark orange you have to mix, red + orange together. Finally, to make gold, you add orange and yellow together.

I have been learning about a lot of colours, that I know what colours to mix, what colours are in the secondary colours, primary colours and tertiary colours. I hope you have learn't a lot about colours.

HannahT signing out - Lovvee Yalll

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