Wednesday, 13 August 2014

#How 2 Play Netball!!

Have you heard of a sport called Netball? Well if you haven’t, keep on reading. My name is Hannah and I am going to explain every detail of the game.  

A netball court is divided into three parts. The three parts includes two Goal thirds and one Centre third. At the end of both sides, there are semicircle markings, in the centre third there is a small full circle marking. At both ends of the court there is a goal post that is 10 feet long.

There are two teams that play against each other.  There are 7 players in each team so in total there should be 14 players on court. The 7 positions are broken up into defense and attacks. Goal Shoot (GS), Goal keep (GK), Goal Attack(GA), Goal Defense (GD), Wing Defense (WD), Wing Attack (WA) and Center (C).

This diagram tells you what positions there are in each team. The diagram also tells you which position each player will partner with for example in the red Goal Third the GS is in the red team and partners with GK from the blue team.

GS & GK: Are allowed in the Goal circle and in their goal third. They are not allowed to enter into the centre third
WA & WD: Are allowed in the attacks Goal Third and the centre third but they are not allowed to go into the opponents goal third.
GA & GD: Are allowed in the attacks Goal circle, Goal Third and Centre third but they are not allowed to go into the other Goal Third.
C: The centre position is allowed to go anywhere in the Court except for the Goal circle.
Attacks: GS, GA, WA & C
The attacks priority is to pass the ball to the shooters (GS & GA) to get a goal.

Defense: GK, GD, WD & C
The defense priority is to stop their opponents to shoot a goal.

Each game is four quarters with a time of 10minutes per quarter.

1. Each quarter starts off with a centre pass
2. No stepping - the foot that you ground when receiving the ball you can’t lift and ground again.
3. Replay ball - You can’t double bounce the ball with your hand
4. Contact - You can’t hit or push your partner purposely

5. Obstruction - Is called when you are less then three feet and their defending the partner

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