Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My Sisters Birhday

On the 28th of October we celebrated my little sisters birthday! Her name is Sachi, she is now four. We celebrated her birthday at the Botanical Gardens. It was so much fun we played a lot of games and there was some really nice food.

The first thing I did at the birthday was eat. One side of the table was adults and the other was children. I went on to the adults side so I had Nachos with Sour Cream. It was a bit spicy but I got there. As I was eating I first took a scoop and put it in my mouth and then drank my water after that.

As people began to arrive, I could see them carrying presents in their hands.  Sachi was so excited to see all of her presents as they were all on one side of the food table.  There were little kids there and a lot of adults.

Nat was the performer and he sang a lot of songs.  My favourite one was the Big Red Car by the Wiggles because all of the Uncles had to sing it too.  Sachi had a barbie doll princess cake and cupcakes as well.  The dress was six layers and it was actually a really tall cake.  I took some home and it was yum.

Hannah T signing off.. Love you Sachi x
Sachi blowing her candles

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