Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My Narrative 2

“AHHHHHHHHHH!” Iron was screaming as she went down up and down the pirate ship, “THAT WAS AWESOME!” she shouted to jordenne . “Thats good now lets go on the roller coaster!” Jordenne said excitedly.

As they were walking to the rollercoaster they could see that the sun was going down, Jordenne shouting at Iron “We have a couple of minutes until we go home and if we are late we are sooo dead!. So HURRY UP!”  They made it just in time for the last ride.

But there was a little problem. Iron was to short to go on the ride, so she had to wait. She was really angry that she was to short to go on the ride so she wandered off to the other rides.

When Jordenne came off the roller coaster she thought Iron was still there, so she was talking and talking and talking until she realised she wasn’t there. Jordenne’s eyes were wide and her face was red. She was so angry at Iron that when she was looking for her she shoved people that was in her way.

As Jordenne was doing that Iron was going on the invada. Iron was the loudest screamer on the ride. When the ride finished she saw Jordenne. So then she ran away.

Iron went on all the rides except the fear fall. She was saying “ I can do it “ So then she jumped on the seat and then it went up and up and up and up, Iron could feel butterflies in her stomach as she was going up. But then it stopped for a couple of seconds. Then she told the person next to her “ This is.... COOOL!” As she went down.

She was so happy she made it in one piece but she was not that happy she got snapped by her sister (Jordenne). Jordenne was so angry her face turned dark dark red. “ come over here we are going home! I am never taking you any where ever again!” Iron said “I don’t care!” Jordenne said angrily “you are so lucky we're not at home because I can give you a hiding here right now” Iron replied “I don’t care but I would of told mum any ways” so they went back in the car and drove back home.

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