Wednesday, 16 October 2013


 This is Tupou he is one of my cousins. He is so cute and he is really fun to play with even though he's a baby. I love him because he is my baby cousin!
 This is T.j. His sisters are Maru,Lauren and Prudence. T.j is my closet's cousin ever because were the same age and we would play together when we were little. He plays a lot of sports and he kind of a little tiny bit sings. I love him because he treats me like a sister.

This is Prudence she is one of my close cousins. She lives in otahuhu. I love her because she is kind and smart.

 This is Maru and she is Prudence's sister. Maru is a good singer she always sings. But I love her because she helps me with anything I need help with.

 This is Lauryn and she is Maru and Prudence's older sister. She goes to Otahuhu collage. She is a good singer a good dancer and a really good guitar player. I love her because she shares ever thing with me.

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