Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Narrative

“What is he looking at?” Jennifer asks Sela. “I think he likes you?” Sela laughing. “I hope not!” Jennifer says blushing. As Harlem was looking at Jennifer, Jennifer will always look back at him and laugh with red cheeks. Harlem was running up to Jennifer and Jennifer's heart was beating faster and faster and faster. So then Jennifer opened her arms for a big hug until she noticed a flash of wind on one side of her body. Then noticed he wasn’t

Jennifer was so sad that she ran to Sela’s house and shouted “HE ISN'T IN LOVE WITH ME!” Sela stared at  Jennifer sadly “its alright theres other boys in the world.” So she went in her kitchen and got her ice cream and her chocolate and then she got some tissues.

“So what happened?” Sela asked with a sad face. Jennifer said with tears streaming down her face “He didn’t hug me!” “ok? Its maybe because he wasn’t looking at you he was maybe looking behind you” Sela tried to say in a nice voice. Jennifer wiped her tears and said “ Maybe he doesn't
like me but i don't care even though im embarrassed” Sela said “haha yea so lets eat this ice cream!”

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