Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Ugly Duckling

Once there was 6 duckling’s. 5 were pretty and one was really ugly. When the mother duck had the ugly duckling she wanted to kill it. Because she did not like ugly duckling’s only pretty duckling’s. She tried her best to kill the poor thing but it did not work.

First she put the duckling in the middle of the road. But then the duckling quickly dodged the car’s and got back on track. The second thing the mother duck did was she tried to get a person to buy her little ducking for free. But it still did not work!

So she tried to do heap’s of thing’s to the little thing but it didn't work. The little duckling was really smart it knew what the mother was going to do to him so he was making a plan on a blue print’s. When the little ugly duckling was doing that the other duckling’s were asking the mum “why are you doing this to our baby brother?” then the mother yelled “BECAUSE HE’S UGLY!” then the other duckling’s did not ask that question ever again.

The mother was spying on the little duck and she thought that he was dumb but he wasn't. One day she was going to kill him her self. So she went and got a knife and lift it up and...........

                                                                               TO BE CONTINUED! NEVER!

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