Monday, 5 August 2013

My Weekend

Last week I went to see my two sister's. There name's are Sachi and Sailie. I went with my dad as well and his name is Rob. I was so existed to see my sisters because I haven't seen the for a while.

The first thing we did was a walk around the basin. It was so fun because we would always stop off at the park's. After that we went to have a feed. As we were getting a feed my sister Sachi was telling us jokes and it was really cute. After our feed we went down to a beach. It was so cool because this guy was jumping off the wolf.

When we left the beach we had a choice of watching movie's or going to the museum and the girls said "MUSEUM!" As the girls said that, my dad turned around and drove all the way to the museum. The girl's were so existed to go to the museum that they quickly got out of the car and went straight in the museum.

After the museum we went to Sachi's mum's place. It was so cool because we were playing game's. Then FINALLY we went to sleep.

The next day my dad dropped me off to my Nana's because we were celebrating my mum's birthday. It was a BIG feed with all of my  mum's sister's,brother's, sister in law, my dad and her parent's. I bought
my mum a L&P chocolate because she really wanted it. I had fun with my family.

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