Friday, 30 August 2013

My friends!

Jordenne: Jordenne is really talented with sports and dancing. She is a really good leader and a person to look up to. She is really smart and really nice. Jordenne does not like jokes.

Jennifer: Jennifer isn't a sports person but she is really brainy. Jennifer is funny and cool to hang out with. She is really kind and caring.

Mao: Mao is really talented with jokes. She is so funny that I can't stop laughing. I really enjoy hanging out with her because she does really good jokes.

Meleane:  Meleane is the man of rugby. She gets heaps of try's for us and her defense really cool. She talented with singing as well.

Sela: Sela is talented with acting. She loves to act. And she's good at rugby, writing stuff and playing netball.

Iron: Iron is good at sports and brains. She is funny and kind. Sometimes she doesn't get a joke but most times she does. She really enjoy sleep overs and playing netball.

Me: I'm just me!

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