Monday, 5 August 2013

The tortois and the hare

Why hello my name is Franklin and I am going to tell you my winning story about me and the hare. The hare was really mean to me because he called me names like cabbage-head,lazy and other stuff but I didn't care. So then the fox suggested me and the hare to have a race so we both said ok. The fox was really encouraging me that I can win. So he went and told everyone that there was going to be a race against me and the hare.

It was the day for the race. I was scared, nervous and happy at the same time. As soon as the fox said “READY,STEADY.....GO!!!” I was trying to run my hardest but it wasn't working. I was so slow that I took 10 minutes to get off the line. As I was trying to get off the line I felt the hare’s air rush threw my skin as he ran past me.

When I finally got off the line I saw the hare go for a little sleep. So I was trying my hardest to get there and then I was really quiet when I got up to him. So I was nearly at the finish line but then I heard a noise that sounded like air and it was speedy. As I saw him I was thinking I'm a loser but then I saw his tail get tangled up with his leg’s and then he fell. Then I was so relieved. SO  THEN I WON! The hare was so gutted and the crowd couldn't believe it.Then I lived happily ever after. The end!

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