Thursday, 20 November 2014

#My Awesome Weekend!

In the weekend i had my friends Josephine and Iron come over to my house. On Saturday we went to the Otara markets as well as Sylvia Park shopping Mall. The first thing we did was go to the Otara markets as we were there we saw a stage full of break dancers and then saw Vinnie from Shortland Street, his real name is Pua Magasiva.  We also saw KJ Apa and decided to take a photo.

Josephine and Iron were sooo excited but I didn't really want to take a picture. After we took a photo and watched a little bit of the break dancers we went to grab something to eat.  Me and Josephine had a steak and egg roll while Iron had a bacon and egg roll.  The steak and egg roll tasted soooo good!!

After the market we went to the WHY KNOT shop to get some things.  We got some ice cream, chocolate wafers and other ingredients because we decided to make smoothies.   When we returned home we made our smoothies.  In our smoothies we put slices of banana, 300ml of milk, 100ml of chocolate sauce and 4 tablespoons of ice cream into a blender.  It tasted beautiful.

After all of that we then dropped Josephine and Iron back to their homes after taking heaps of photos to share with you all.  I had a great weekend.

Hannah T signing off…….. BYE

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  1. Hi Hannah, I was bored, I thought I would read one of your blogs. Wow Athletics sounded boring but also exciting. Unfortunately, I didn't go. Anyways, Love your writing! ^-~ Bye ...........................