Thursday, 13 November 2014

#Athletics Day ^-^ :)

Guess what day it is tomorrow? It's Athletics Day and I'm so excited.  I love athletics day, i love playing with my friends and sitting in the sun.  Athletics day is when all Pt England participate in an event that is held in our school fields.  All the students compete in different groups from their Years and genders.

For athletics day there are different kinds of activities we compete in.  The games are High Jump, 100m sprints, Javelin, Shot put and discus. My favorite sports are Shot put, discus and Javelin. The ones that I'm not so excited about are 100m sprints and high jump.

For each competition there is a ranking of first, second and third that go towards your House points and you go to compete in the Inter zone competition against heaps of schools.  This year I will be competing in Shot put, discus, Javelin and high jump.  At the end of the day we have relays for students, teachers and parents.  Sometimes these are funny and other times they can get really serious.

I'm in Te Arawa and we are REDZ!!!!! I don't really mind if we lose because Matatua House win every year.  All the best to all the students.

Hannah T signing outtt….. BYYYYYEEEE

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