Tuesday, 4 November 2014

#Going 2 The Museum!!! =)

A couple of days ago, the year 7’s went on a trip while the year 8’s had gone to camp. We went to the Museum. As you all know, the topic for this term is “ Art Attack” so we went to go and see the Pacific and Maori art gallery.

As soon as we got to the museum, we all scattered around the place in our little groups and with our elder leaders. I was with my friend Jennifer as well as other kids, our leader was Miss Paget. We also got a piece of paper that had activitys like, drawing a piece of art in the Pacific gallery or drawing a kowhaiwhai pattern in the maori gallery. The first section we went to was, the pacific gallery.

The pacific gallery was amazing. There were Cook Island patterns, Niuean patterns all kinds pacific patterns and they were just beautiful. The pattern I decided to draw was a niuean pattern. The next gallery we went to was the maori gallery.

We spent the whole day at the museum, and it was soo fun. My favourite part was going into the volcanic section. I finished my piece of paper by drawing a kowhaiwhai pattern from the marai.


  1. Hi Hannah, I loved your writing and how you explained about going to the Museum. I was excited when we went to go visit The Auckland Museum. Good job :) P.S. Weirdo!

  2. Hey Keis!
    Thanks 4 commenting on my blog. I was excited to!
    P.S: Your A Weirdo To!
    Love Weirdo.