Sunday, 28 September 2014

#Go'in Town ;)

I went to all kinds of places today with my parents.the Auckland library, IMAX entertainment, the sensory odyssey maze and finally to my nana and papas house to celebrate my aunty and uncles birthday.

The first thing we did, was go to the Auckland library in the city. My dad had to pick some books up from the Auckland library, so then I chose a book that really caught my eye.  The front page of the book was a picture of a few babies dressed up as flowers and the author of the book was Anne Geddes who is a photographer.  The book was about how she became a photographer.

After the library we went to grab something to eat which was at IMAX entertainment centre. I had buttered chicken while my mum had pizza and my dad had Thai. After eating we went to an ice cream shop and i got two scoops of ice cream which were mango and walnut & butterscotch. Mango didn't taste like mango but butterscotch was sooooo nice. 

While we we're eating our ice creams we walked past this activity place which is called Odyssey Maze. It looked really cool so we gave it a try. We had to put our bags, take our shoes off and our phones away. We also had to put on white gloves. It was awesome, my highlight was the dark spaces because we couldn't see anything and I was a little scared so we had to feel our way through the maze. After a while we got out of the maze but after we saw some cool laser lights. I didn't want this time to end.

After our trip to the icy we went to my nanas house to celebrate my aunty and uncles birthday. I had a great time with my family especially taking selfies. My favourite was my Uncle Nicko taking selfies with Bernie... He's our chicken that stays at my nanas house. 

I'm now at home packing all my stuff because tomorrow I'M GOING TO RIVERSIDE CAMP!!!

HannahT signing out - bye!

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