Wednesday, 3 September 2014

#Collapsing Apartment In Paris :'(

French firemen search in the rubble of a building after an explosion collapsed it, in Rosny-sous-Bois, outside Paris. Photo / AP

On the 31st of August, an apartment in Paris had collapsed. The accident had happened by a deadly explosion that was in the city. The apartment was a four story building. People say that the explosion was made by a gas leak, but it has not yet to be confirmed.

Four people had died in the accident, an eighty year old woman, a eight year old child and two women. Twelve people had survived by fire fighters pulling them from underneath the after math. A neighbour had pulled a child out and she said "He was protected by a mattress and a block of concrete above his head" Police are still investigating what made the explosion.

I got my details and my article from the New Zealand Hearld. If you would like to read some articles here is the link. HERE!

Here are 3 facts about the explosion:
1: Not only did the explosion hurt people, it damaged homes, shops and cars.
2: Other neighbours around the area helped to pull people out before the police and ambulance came.
3: Police also found 2 residents alive under debris.

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